Usian Bolt has announced that he will be making donations across his Jamaica homeland following a partnership with Epson Europe - to donate eco-friendly printers and projectors to primary schools across the island.

On his Usain Bolt Foundation website, the 8-times Olympics champion said that the partnership will see his former school Waldensia Primary, amongst others, benefiting from the donations.


On his Instagram, he said: “Happy to have announced that I have partnered with @epsoneurope to provide EcoTank printers and projectors to several primary schools across Jamaica. #FillandChill #CY #UBF.”

At a presentation of the equipment, representatives from the Ministry of Education, Ms. Karlene Segree, and Waldensia Primary School principal, Mrs. Nicola Ottey-Anderson, were present, with the latter thanking the sprint legend, saying: “Equipment such as this is the needed solution for all educational institutions across Jamaica because our printing needs are grave.”

Ms. Segree said: “The donations will complement the virtual learning efforts for students since many still rely on printouts in light of either poor internet connections or limited access to devices.” She added: “In order to foster access to learning materials, a large volume of materials have to be printed.”

Eagling said: “We are pleased to be part of this partnership, and we look forward to working with the foundation in the coming years and doing everything that we can to provide as much help as we can along the way.” Epson’s Marketing Communications Director, Maria Eagling, said that the donation will see a total of one hundred printers and twenty projectors valued at £100,600 being handed over.

“It is always a pleasure to give back to Jamaica,” Bold said. “It is a wonderful feeling to see the children getting a better opportunity than I had because I know what a lot of them are going through and the hardship they have experienced throughout this pandemic.

“I believe that children have a right to the best start in life. With access to the best equipment possible, primary schools throughout Jamaica will benefit greatly.

He continued: “Epson shares my vision of making education accessible to everyone and, together, we are helping kids across Jamaica to bring dreams of sustainable, healthier, and happier futures vividly to life.”

The Usain Bolt Foundation aims to enhance the character of children through educational and cultural development in order to effect positive change in Jamaica and, by extension, the world.