"For many of us Her Majesty Queen Elizbeth II has been a constant in our whole lives. Our longest serving Monarch gave our Country a life of service to us all. Overseeing a huge period of change Her Majesty saw the modernisation of the Monarchy and the championing and growth of the Commonwealth to become the family of nations we all know today. 


While her passing leaves a hole in the fabric of the world and our hearts we can take solace from her remarkable sense of duty, her devotion to her role, which never wavered. The joy she brought to us all cannot be underestimated. Across Birmingham at the recent historic Jubilee, we saw across all generations and all communities just how much love and warmth we all felt for her and the happiness which only Her Majesty could spread to all before her. 

We will all be impacted by the tragic news in different ways, but tonight none of us is alone as we shed our tears for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II as we all are united in our grief for the nations and commonwealth’s loss today. 

Tonight we mourn the fact the Queen is dead but together we can say with the strength that her majesty has taught us all, Long Live the King." 

Cllr Robert Alden, Erdington Ward