Storm in a teacup: One in four Brits put the milk in...

Storm in a teacup: One in four Brits put the milk in before the tea bag


An investigation of the UK’s habits and found out just how reliant the nation is on a classic ‘cuppa’ to get through the day.

To celebrate the launch of their 2018 Gala Tea Cup, GalaBingo’s research found that Brits’ tea habits start as early as five, with nearly a quarter (22%) admitting they started to drinking tea at this early age. It’s no surprise then that by adulthood, almost a third (31%) admit to drinking five or more cups of tea a day, with around one in ten  Brits drinking tea as late as 11pm.

When it comes to brands, PG Tips has captured the nation’s tastebuds, with 26% voting this as their favourite cuppa. Yorkshire Tea (20%) and Tetley (18%) both make up the top three. Just 14% of the UK drinks their tea black, sweet-toothed Brits have their tea with one (21%) or two (18%) sugars, and 70% have it with milk.  Shockingly, one in four (26%) Brits admit they put milk in first, which has caused long-term debate among tea aficionados.

To support the research, has created a ‘Tea Map’ of the UK, showcasing exactly how each region prefers their tea. If you’re trying to wow someone in Leeds or Manchester, make sure you stick to a ‘tried and true brew’, a classic shade of tea. However, if you’re attempting to impress your boss in Norwich, go lighter on the milk and aim for a ‘Rich Mahogany’ tea tone.

Across the UK, Southampton comes out as the tea-guzzling capital where the highest percentage of residents (21%)  admit to drinking six cups a day, whilst Edinburgh is satisfied with only one cup (17%).

When it comes to a morning pick-me-up, most have their first cuppa between 7-8am (24%), however the IT industry appear to be the late risers of the UK, with one in ten(11%) waiting until 9am for their first brew.

Karina Adrian, PR and Brand Manager at, said: “Perfecting a cup of tea is a real talent, especially when we take it so seriously in the UK, which is why we have found the formula for the perfect brew. These findings will ensure you are well-known for making a good cuppa – wherever you are in the UK. The only downside? Prepare to become the favourite for the office tea run!

“We’ve undertaken this research to celebrate our 2018 Gala Tea Cup games. In addition to cash prize , the lucky winner of the Tea Cup will receive receive a Gala Tea Cup Trophy, which you can admire whilst sipping on that perfect cup of tea!”

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