University of Wolverhampton students recorded some valuable work experience when they visited a local radio station recently.

First year students studying for a degree in Multimedia Journalism visited local Wolverhampton radio station, 101.8 WCR FM, and were given a tour of the radio production studios as well as gaining some hands-on experience of recording from radio presenters during their visit. Students also researched a local news story and wrote scripts to fit the style of radio news bulletins, using the studio’s facilities to record their bulletins.

Dr Bianca Fox, Course Leader in the Faculty of Arts at the University, said: “For their final assignment students have to write and record their own radio programme and we wanted to work with broadcast industry professionals to help give them some real life work experience. Our aim is to increase partnerships with local broadcasters and professional journalists involved in the delivery of the degree.”

Angely Khan, a student on the course, said: "We have spent time on the course learning the ins and outs of radio news and practising writing and recording.  It was great to actually experience a real-life radio station that is just a short walk away from the campus. Students were able to meet and observe presenters whilst they were on air and toured the studio facilities.  Some are now looking to volunteer with the radio station after such a positive day.”

BBC Journalist and Masterclass trainer, Jules McCarthy, said: "It's a real privilege to work closely with local students who have a real talent for news. We've been able to help develop their multiplatform skills, using the excellent studio training facilities at 101.8 WCR FM. As a Wolverhampton girl myself, it's been extremely rewarding to help develop the next generation of this City's journalists.”