A survey out today from Project Solar UK found that 36% of respondents living in and around Birmingham said they would take fewer showers and 26% would choose to take cold showers when asked what they would consider doing to lower energy costs. Fifteen per cent would install solar panels in their home and 4% would move house to a place with solar panels already installed in an effort to reduce outgoings on energy bills. 


Moving to a higher paying role was selected by 19% of those surveyed in and around Birmingham with 15% stating they would ask for a pay rise from their current employer to help pay the increased heating, lighting and other energy bills to run a home. Stopping working remotely was highlighted by 4% of those questioned in and around Birmingham as a way to lower their energy costs.

Other creative approaches to lowering energy costs include 6% going on strike to not pay bills, 7% considering renting out a room in their home to split the bills while 5% would start charging children rent. The research was conducted by Project Solar UK, the leading retailer and installer of solar panels in the country, who wanted to uncover what people in Birmingham were thinking around how to lower energy costs and save money in practical ways.

Simon Peat, CEO of Project Solar UK, says, “The cost-of-living crisis, and specifically the cost of energy, is a real concern and we wanted to look at ideas in this survey of the practical ways people are considering making changes to save money.  It was no surprise to see that 15% were considering installing solar panels in their home and 4% stating they would move house to a place with solar panels already installed as people are becoming more aware that solar Is a more cost-effective energy source.”

“As the leading supplier and installer of solar panels in the UK, we have seen unprecedented demand since the beginning of 2022 as people look to alternative energy sources to heat and light their homes. By using the natural resource of the sun, solar panels offer a sustainable and better value option for energy. We offer a full information service to anyone who would like to understand more about how solar panels might be able to help.”

The survey also revealed some amusing answers from surveyed Birmingham residents when asked about how they have kept cool in the recent heatwaves.  54% said they chose to strip down to minimal clothing with 43% choosing to keep the curtains closed at all times to stay cool.


When outdoors, 46% stuck to the shade and when out and about 7% chose to drive to work to make use of the air con in the car. Using the free air con at work was an option chosen by 11% of people surveyed in and around Birmingham while 8% chose to take advantage of the free aircon by working from a local café.

Buying a paddling pool was the solution for 12% of people in the area while 6% of those surveyed in and around Birmingham chose to stand next to an open fridge to try to cool down!