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Captain Tom Moore is to be knighted for his fundraising efforts after a special nomination from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The World War II veteran raised more than £32 million for NHS charities after walking for over 100 laps of his garden, in Marston Moretaine, in Bedfordshire, before reaching his 100th birthday in April.

Prime Minister Johnson said that the centenarian had provided the country with a beacon of light through ‘the fog’ that is coronavirus.

In a statement, he (Boris Johnson) said Capt Tom's "fantastic fundraising broke records" and "inspired the whole country".

"On behalf of everyone who has been moved by his incredible story, I want to say a huge thank you. He's a true national treasure".

 Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer congratulated Capt Tom and said he had "brought inspiration to millions and helped all of us to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our NHS.

"In his actions, Tom embodied the national solidarity which has grown throughout this crisis, and showed us that everyone can play their part in helping build a better future".

Capt Tom, who was born in Keighley, West Yorkshire, captured the hearts of the nation and his birthday celebrations were extensive.

The occasion was marked with an RAF flypast as well as birthday greetings from the Queen and prime minister.

He was also made an honorary colonel and received an estimated 140,000 cards.

And, as an honorary colonel, his official title will now be Captain Sir Thomas Moore under Ministry of Defence protocol.


With days still to go, volunteers have had to be called in to help open thousands of birthday cards that have been sent to veteran Captain Tom Moore to date.

So far more than 65,000 cards have been sent to the ‘champion’ charity walker and are being put out on show at Bedford School, where his grandson, Benjie Ingram-Moore, attends.

99-year-old World War II veteran, Captain Tom, raised in excess of a staggering £28 million for the National Health Service by completing 100 laps of his garden shortly before his 100th birthday.

A production line of 20 or so volunteers have been called on to aid in opening the sacks loads of cards which have been coming in almost inundated fashion as his birthday fast approaches – on April 30.

The media industry lost a true, genuine legend after it was announced that media mogul, The Honorary Oliver Frederick Clarke OJ, Hon. LL.D, JP, FCA, B.Sc. (Econ), had passed away after succumbing to a lengthy battle against cancer.

A former chair of the RJRGLEANER Group, he was a shining light in a group which included the Jamaica National Group and the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica.,, just a month before his passing.

Born and educated in the Jamaican capital of Kingston, he was chair of 1834 Investments – an investment spin-off of The Gleaner Company Limited, which would merge with the RJR Group.

The son of a farmer and businessperson, Clarke was also educated at the London School of Economics before joining The Gleaner Group in 1976 before being appointed chair of JNBS in 1977. He was chair until 1997 before serving as deputy chair until 2002.

As a professional chartered accountant, he would serve the group for 40 years.

He would then be appointed as chair of the subsidiary JN Bank, as well as mutual holiday company, The Jamaica National Group and JN Financial Holding Company.

Described as a unique human being, Clarke was also appointed as chair of the 2003 Parliamentary Salaries Review Committee by Jamaica Prime Minister, PJ Patterson, which recommended the construction of a new parliament building, constituency office and radical changes to compensation packages for lawmakers.

A proud Jamaican with an aura of true respect and compassion, Oliver F Clarke OJ received an honorary doctorate from the University of the West Indies, the University of Technology and the Jamaica and the Northern Caribbean University.

His achievements and influence will remain evident in Jamaica, and across the wider Caribbean, for years to come.

Married, he leaves a widow, Monica and daughter, Maria Alexandra.

He died at his St. Andrews home age 75.

She is Nigeria's first woman mechanic. She is also the founder of The Lady Mechanic Initiative, which teaches women from diverse backgrounds how to fix cars and become financially independent.

And with that Sandra Aguebor says that she developed an interest in cars when she was just 13-years old. When she revealed this to her father, he was shocked and tried to discourage her. But Sandra was determined.

She began her career in the 1980s working at a local garage where she learned everything she knows before then attending Benin Technical College to take a vocational course in fixing automobiles. After graduating, she ended up working for another repair shop before she finally decided that she wanted to start her own business.

Now, she has been fixing cars for 36 years and running her own shop for 22 years in Lagos, Nigeria - Africa's largest city. During a feature on CNN, she commented, "For me to become the first female mechanic in Nigeria, I had to work five times harder... and prove myself."

Her experience has inspired her to help other women to do the same. Her non-profit organization brings women from all over Africa to Nigeria to learn to fix cars. Her hands-on skills training and classroom curriculum in auto mechanic/electrician, professional driving, generator repairs, speedboat repairs and house plumbing helps women so that they too can one day own their own garage.

Her goal ultimately is to help 100,000 women achieve this goal.

A highly respected medic and activist, Her Excellence Dr Arikana Chihombori Quao MD, who is also a noted speaker, educator, diplomat, entrepreneur and C.E.I and founder of the Bell Farm Medical Centre, in the US – where she now lives - is, if nothing else, consistently shifting the narrative of Africa as she, unabashed, exposes the continent’s current affairs and free its bondage to Europe and China.

As she remains unapologetic in her pursuit of reshaping global African history, her call for unity - as one across the continent - she is on a mission to free it – all on her own!

The Zimbabwe-born worldly mover-and-shaker, Her Excellence Dr Chihombori Quao, has gone so far as to put her job on the line for what she believes in – and she was sacked in the process.

She was sacked by the African Union’s envoy to the United States allegedly due to her criticism of “sustained colonisation by France”.

Having gained a First Degree in General Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry, she was appointed to the position in 2016 and it put her in a position to be able to galvanize the support of people of African descent, especially throughout the United States – and beyond.

During a TV conversation at the time, she talked of; “the pact for the continuation of colonization”.

The African bloc has never actually sanctioned, or received, any complaints about her views.

Despite the knock-back, though, she tells the truth about the state of affairs and remains truly and sincerely supportive of Mother Africa. “Africa is in the driving seat”, she says, “So it must steer itself currently – as one voice, one movement and a desire to free its people!

Dr Chihombori Quao is very outspoken and has also become a leading voice for Pan-Africanism.

She said: “And then, we must acknowledge Africa’s true worth”.

“And” she continues, “Take charge of its own economy”.

Married to the equally highly respected Dr Nii Saban Quao, her book; ‘Africa 101: The Wake-Up Call’ tells the story about the “hunters” (Africa’s explorers, slavers, colonizers and neo-colonizers) and the “hunted” (African people who survived against severe odds).

In it, in her usual ‘in-your-face’ style, H.E. Dr Arikana Chihombori Quao MD’s tells the story of Africa – “Wake up from your slumber of 400 years, free yourself from the mental shackles of slavery and colonization”, is the quote that welcomes you to its compelling read.

“What bothers me”, she continually ponders, “is the realization that the richest continent on Earth is the poorest on Earth”.

Published storyteller and poet Clive Alando Taylor is set to release his new book, ‘SpiritVolition’ (published by AuthorHouse UK), sharing his collection that takes a look at language and society through the expression of poetry and songs.


‘SpiritVolition’ is a collection of verses containing paradoxical and controversial elements interpreting current events and trends such as the multiculturalism, the new generation’s mind-set and progression of ideas in social media. With that said, it is a modern expression that is “profound and extreme” using language.  These pieces aim to stir the reader’s imagination and emotions as well as expression of ideas using what is deemed as unorthodox songs and poetry. These songs and poems possess aesthetic and provocative qualities with distinctive style — incorporating wordplay — and rhythm. It also has earthly and spiritual components that readers can reimagine and enjoy.


“[The book] is relative in a way, as much as we are an immediate needs to be met kind of throwaway and discard type of society, in that information is only relative to our current everyday activities… as oppose to anything which is to be seen, or treated or highly valued as necessary and important,” Taylor explains.


He invites his readers to engage with the impact of wordplay as they discover and learn something new from these verses.


Below is an excerpt taken from one of its poem, ‘Spiritvolition:’ :-


It’s Like A Fatal Heartattack / It’s Like An Onslaught Of The Senses

As U’re Engagement Is Fully Tested, / It’s Like U’re Bleeding Inside Of U’re Bones

As U’re Muscles Stretch And Contract / As U’re DNA Reports Back

It’s Like A Cellular Suicide / As U’re Cells Begin To Divide


Born in Southwest, in London, Clive Alando Taylor is the youngest son of six siblings whose interests include world religions, humanity and philosophy, music, dance and poetry.


As a writer, poet, artist and performer, he has always felt the need to convey his thoughts through the artistic expressions of words and music, and even through the unspoken medium of movement and motion.


Thus, it urges him to write some of his published materials on a variety of subjective ideas.

These include fictions – ‘Negus the Healer,’ ‘Angelus E’Nocturnus’ and ‘Quillian Cross’ as well as poetry books ‘Philophobia’ and his latest ‘SpiritVolition.’