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On Tuesday 16th May, the Labour party launched their manifesto, and with three weeks to go until the general election 8th June, it has come at an opportune moment. The four policies that really stand out in the manifesto, are the economy, Brexit, healthcare and housing.  This article will seek to explore the key proposals of these four key policy areas in some detail.

The economy has always been a somewhat contentious issue for politicians, and with it having been a Labour government that was in charge when the recession hit, this current Labour party have the incentive to show that they can do better. Using low interest rates, the Labour party plan on creating a National Transformation Fund that would help deliver investment and protect small businesses through preventing the more restrictive small business policies of the current government. Furthermore, to help small businesses, the Labour party wish to create a National Investment Bank that they state will bring in £250 million in private capital to the country. The party also wishes to nationalise the railways, the Royal Mail, the energy and water networks to ensure better quality services for the population.

On Brexit, the Labour party is clear that they wish to maintain the benefit of the single market and the customs union due to the potential economic benefit that this would bring to the country. Whilst also wishing to protect the rights of EU citizens already settled in the UK, and wanting the rights of UK citizens already settled in the EU protected, the Labour party is clear that freedom of movement would be ended under their government. In acknowledgement of some of the issues associated with immigration in the vote to leave the EU, Labour has also promised to stop overseas only recruitment and to ensure that there are thorough investigations into the working conditions of companies, and that they are paying at least the minimum wage for homegrown employees. Acknowledging the need to create new trade agreements with countries outside the EU, the Labour manifesto promises to use their recently launched Just Trading Initiative to develop free trade and investment agreements that remove trade barriers and promote skilled jobs and high standards.

Healthcare is a very important issue to many within the UK Labour has promised to ensure patients have access to treatment within eighteen weeks, and to reduce waiting times in A and E to four hours, by using resources more effectively and efficiently. Labour would also increase funding for GP services, and halt pharmacy cuts, they would also remove the post code lottery on health treatment currently in existence. They would also invest a further £30 billion into the NHS, to help improve the quality of training that doctors and nurses are receiving, and to create a Child Health Index to monitor the development of children’s health throughout their lives. In tandem with this they would create a National Care Service to help the elderly, to lower the strain on the NHS.

On housing, by using brownfield sites, Labour hopes to build 100,000 new homes during the course of the new Parliament, 4000 of which would be for those with a record of sleeping rough. They would also introduce controls on rent rises, provide more secure three year tenancies, proper landlord licensing and provide new consumer rights for renters. Labour would also reintroduce housing benefit for 18-21 year olds to reduce the number of young people sleeping rough on the street.

by Vivek Rajkhowa

The University of Wolverhampton celebrated its investment of £100 million in a construction super campus at a prestigious event at the House of Lords in London.

The investment is part of the University’s ‘Our Vision – Your Opportunity’ £250 million ambitious project to invest in world class education and training in support of economic growth in the region.  The regeneration of the former Springfield Brewery in Wolverhampton has brought together businesses and the education sector with the aim of creating jobs and providing technical and professional experts required by the industry.

The derelict 12 acre site, a former Grade II listed brewery, is currently being transformed into Europe’s largest specialist construction and built environment campus, providing a pathway for construction education and training from the age of 14 through to senior professionalism.

The transformed site is currently the home of the newly opened West Midlands Construction University Technical College with plans in place to start work on the University’s School of Architecture and Built Environment.  A hub for the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills is due to open in September this year.

The event at the House of Lords, hosted by the University’s Chancellor, Lord Swraj Paul, brought Faculty of Science & Engineering staff together with key people from construction companies, education trade and technical awarding bodies and former Springfield Brewery employees to celebrate the completion of its first phase.

Professor Geoff Layer, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Wolverhampton, said: “The House of Lords celebration event recognised the efforts and commitment of partners who have invested time and money in the first phase of this ambitious project whilst at the same time highlighting that there are opportunities for developers, investors and partners to work with us on phase two of the project.

“Construction is a vital growth sector for the Black Country with the global construction industry forecast to grow by more than 70% over the next ten years.  The new super campus will be well placed to take advantage of this rising international demand with strengths in architecture, engineering and sustainable construction – all designed to address the national skills shortage of engineers and construction workers.”

Chris Blythe, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Builders, who was a guest speaker at the event, said:  “The construction industry isn’t different to any other industry.  We have the ability to pull together many strings of activity and we can’t continue to have wistful and wasteful concepts for growth.  We need innovative approaches to skills and training.

“Building is at the heart of quality of life for people and we need a seamless transition from the past to the future.  Springfield will most certainly make that difference.”

James Hewitt was the Brewery Manager at Springfield, following in the footsteps of his father Geoffrey, who had been head brewer. He said: “I loved working at Springfield; the people were lovely and the atmosphere of the whole place was really good. I very much enjoyed visiting the site and seeing the marvellous reconstruction that is occurring.”

The Springfield site was originally purchased in 1873 by William Butler to house his growing brewing business, with the Springfield Brewery opening in 1874 under the William Butler and Company name.  The brewery closed in 1991 and a fire destroyed much of the historic structure in 2004.  The University purchased the site in 2014.

Proton Packs at the ready as the highly anticipated Playmobil Ghostbusters sets are here to “save the world in miniature".

The six new sets, created by Playmobil, mark the toy manufacturer’s first venture into entertainment brand licensing and hit toy shop shelves around the UK this month.

Children will recognise many a famous Ghostbuster scene in the new sets, which contain the well-known characters, infamous landmarks and of course the baddies of the beloved film.

From the famous Firehouse Headquarters to the Ecto-1 vehicle, fans will be able to create their own scenes of the iconic film locations and tackle the villains, such as the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. This badly behaved ghost stands at over 13 centimetres retaining his presence as the giant we all know by dwarfing other Playmobil characters - and with moving arms and rotatable hands he can grip the ghostbuster characters and accessories.

Fans can also catch and contain troublesome ghosts and ghouls within the “Ghost Containment Unit”, and take on the greedy ghost Slimer as he tries to eat his way through the hotdog stand. Or simply re-create your favourite scenes again and again from the comfort of your own home.

As a top manufacturer within preschool toys, Playmobil knows the importance of allowing your child’s imagination to take over, so sit back and relax whilst they take on the role of their beloved characters. From Raymond Stanz, to Louis Tully and Egon Spengler, there are hours of endless play ahead of them.

Jamie Dickinson, Marketing Manager from Playmobil said: “This is the first licensed brand range to ever be produced by Playmobil and we are looking forward to seeing children enjoy bringing to life their Ghostbuster sets using their own imagination. Who knows what spooky scenarios we may see children create using Stay Puft or Egon.”

Calling all classic car fans! Blenheim Palace is hosting the Pre-50 American Auto Club 'Rally of Giants' on Sunday 9 July. This superlative gathering offers a rare opportunity for collectors and admirers to see the finest and most valuable examples found anywhere in Europe.

There will be more than 400 classic American vehicles attending, including some of the best examples of motoring history and the most valuable. Dating from the early 1920's through to the 1970's the Rally of Giants is a must visit for those with a passion for American motorcars. For those with only a passing interest in motoring avocation expect your interest to be piqued with this remarkable collection of American motorcars, trucks, military vehicles and bikes.

Attracting collectors from the UK and continental Europe to Blenheim Palace the rally provides the perfect backdrop for admiring, purchasing and selling classics. Visitors can enjoy a full day out in Blenheim Palace, Park and Gardens with delicious food and refreshments available in the new Orangery Restaurant which overlooks the private Italian Gardens.

To find out more information about the Pre50AAC and the 'Rally of Giants' visit the Pre '50 American Auto Club website:

The average family in the West Midlands last spent quality time together with their loved ones over two months ago, according to new statistics released by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) for its Wear it. Beat it. fundraising campaign. (1)

A new survey by the BHF has revealed the stresses of modern day living are putting a considerable strain on family life. One in six people from the West Midlands said the last time they spent quality time with their family was over a year ago, or not at all.

One third of parents (33.3%) in the West Midlands said they leave the house at least once a week without seeing their children. Two in five (40.5%) of the region’s parents also said they’re so busy that in an average day they often don’t spend any time whatsoever with their children, and many (16%) had missed an important occasion because of it.

A quarter (24.1%) of parents from the West Midlands worry their children spend far less time with their family than they did when they were young. While it might be work getting in the way for busy parents in the area, one in six (18.3%) worried that social media is distracting their children away from quality family time when they are home. One in seven (15.2%) said it’s because everyone’s busy schedules just didn’t match up.

Two in five (42.4%) of those polled from the West Midlands said they feel guilty that they don’t spend enough time with their loved ones. The BHF is encouraging families to get together on Friday 9 June for the charity’s annual wear red day.

By donning your favourite red garments and organising a red fundraising event, you can help support life saving research in the fight against heart disease. Sign up at

Donna Spriggs Elliott, Head of Community Fundraising at the British Heart Foundation, said: “It’s clear that our busy modern day lifestyles, and the stresses of the daily grind, are keeping us from spending time with our families.

“Heart disease devastates the lives of millions of people across the UK, often without warning, so finding a way to break away from our normal routines to spend time together is important and our Wear it. Beat it. day is the perfect opportunity.

“By taking part in Wear it. Beat it. and raising money for our research, you can help us beat heart disease for good.”

Last year more than 15,000 people took part in Wear it. Beat it. raising over £750,000. The BHF is calling for even more of you to get involved this year and help raise in excess of £1million for the charity’s heart research.

It could be a yummy red bake sale after school or a red-themed garden party with friends and family. Whatever you choose to do, Wear it. Beat it. is a great way to bring everyone together and help make a difference to millions.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a free fundraising kit jam-packed with ready-made ideas and goodies to help make Wear it. Beat it. the BHF’s biggest, reddest and best year yet.

The artists recruited for City of Wolverhampton’s Wolves in Wolves public art project have been revealed.

Wolves in Wolves, is being organised in partnership with Outside Centre and Enjoy Wolverhampton.

It will see 30 sculptures of wolves placed around the city, creating the largest public art event in Wolverhampton. Designers are being partnered with sponsors to create artwork to decorate the wolves.

The pupils at Moreton School in Old Fallings Lane, have been working on designs for the Mayoral wolf, and the students are also decorating the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wolf, while Head of Art, Jody Williams, will be decorating one for Yoo Recruit.

Other artists include Aimee Millward, Charlie Kelly, Harriet Davies, Kesia Pennington-Yates, Stef Fridel, Clem Brens, Danielle Robottom, Alex Vann, Jemima Mantle, Sunita Meen, Claire Rollerson, Julie Fletcher, Nigel Kilworth, Headstart young people, Katie Keith, Laura Hickman, Marie Sewell, Neil Hodgkiss, Jaslyn Lucas, Emily Bland, University of Wolverhampton students, City of Wolverhampton College students, Joanna Burgess, Claire Darke, Highfields School pupils, and Parastoo Duffet.

Other sponsors to date include Marston’s, Wolves FC, Talent Match, Grand Theatre, WV Active, University of Wolverhampton, Movecorp, NCP, Hilton Main Construction, Learn Play Foundation, City of Wolverhampton College, Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton Homes, Mander Centre, and Wolves Speedway.

City of Wolverhampton Council Director of Governance, Kevin O’Keefe, said: “The idea was put forward by business support officer, Manor Singh, as part of the council’s 100:100 scheme, which encourages staff to suggest ways the council can improve.

“Manor’s inspiration arose from travelling in Europe, where he saw a similar event being staged in Dublin some years ago. Manor was born and brought up in Park Village and was delighted his idea was picked to raise the profile of his home city.

“Wolves in Wolves is a great opportunity to showcase the City of Wolverhampton to visitors.

“It is fantastic to see businesses, schools and residents working closely together on this exciting project.

“It will put the city on the map as a cultural centre – and it is also a fun way for families to get active, and discover the city and what it has to offer.”

Wolves in Wolves will combine a quality artistic and cultural event with associated public health, educational and economic benefits.

Once the event is finished, the majority of the sculptures will be auctioned off to raise money for local charities.

Dr Paul Darke of Outside Centre said: “The enthusiasm from the artists is really energising Wolves in Wolves.

“It is the beginning of a new Wolverhampton cultural project for us; throwing out the drab, the negative and the misconceptions for a future of colour, hope and ensuring people from across the region, country, and internationally, see Wolverhampton for the great cultural city that it is.”

Haringey residents are being encouraged to help host a fun gathering in every ward in the borough during this summer’s Great Get Together.

Set up in memory of late MP Jo Cox, the Great Get Together on the weekend of June 17-18 will be a nationwide celebration of Britain’s many diverse communities, highlighting the many things we have in common.

Activities could range from coffee mornings to street parties, and as part of the council’s commitment to making it as easy as possible for residents to come together, street party licence fees will be waived; grants of up to £250 available for events that will benefit the local community, and free event management training is also on offer.

Cllr Claire Kober Leader of Haringey Council said: “Jo was a tremendous MP, driven by a commitment to championing diversity and a firmly held belief that we have more in common that than which divides us. I’m proud that in Haringey, a borough with a proud history of diversity and a place where people of all backgrounds live harmoniously side-by-side, we’ll be supporting the Great Get Together in memory of Jo. The weekend will be a great opportunity for residents of all walks of life to come together to share their different cultures and celebrate the things that unite our communities.”

The incoming Mayor of Wolverhampton is inviting people to join him at the annual Civic Sunday service next weekend. The Civic Sunday service is traditionally the first engagement of the new Mayoral year.

It gets underway at 10.45am on Sunday 21 May with a short procession from the Civic Centre to St Peter’s Collegiate Church, where the formal service led by the Reverend David Wright will begin at 11am. All faiths are welcome and refreshments will be served in the Georgian Room at Wolverhampton Art Gallery afterwards.

Councillor Elias Mattu, who will be elected the 159th Mayor of Wolverhampton at the Full Council meeting on Wednesday evening (17 May), said: “Civic Sunday is an important occasion in the Civic calendar when the people of Wolverhampton come together to attend church.

“I am looking forward to taking the chains of office next week and passionately believe in keeping traditions alive. I would therefore like to invite people of all faiths or none to join me for this very special service.”

Alpha Works, a first-of-its-kind co-working space in the heart of Birmingham City Centre, has announced its official opening with seven companies already calling it home and more than 100 employees moving into the state-of-the-art facility.

The £1 million development, delivered and managed by property company CEG, provides more than 14,000 sq ft of collaborative office space in the iconic Alpha Birmingham catering for fast-growth businesses. The site’s unique proposition, quality and location has enabled it to attract a variety of organisations and reach 75% capacity ahead of its launch. Companies such as international service provider Allegis Global Solutions have relocated to harness the opportunities presented by Birmingham’s increasing connectivity, economic growth and position as a global business destination.

Others also occupying space in the hub are hotel and luxury project management firm Emerald Project Management, business growth support programme Get Set for Growth, international education software and services company Tribal Education, planning, regeneration and development consultancy Nexus Planning, corporate communications agency Pearl Comms and global mobile device management platform Pervacio.

Alpha Works offers a range of options for its members including hot desks, private offices and flexible workspaces. The hub’s contemporary styled design, conceived by award-winning architects ORMS has brought a range of unique features to the site including a double height reception and event space, breakout areas and fully equipped meeting rooms with wireless screens. Members are also set to benefit from superfast broadband/Wi-Fi, a community social media platform, competitive rates and its location in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. Situated on the 21st and 22nd floors of Alpha Birmingham, a key draw is also its unrivalled views of the city.

Theresa White, Community Manager at Alpha Works, said:

“Alpha Works is an exciting first for CEG in response to the market’s increasing call for flexible, collaborative and alternative work spaces that redefine the parameters of the traditional office space. To tap into Birmingham’s current economic renaissance, we have invested in a space that drives further creativity and discovery. Bringing such an iconic building back to life has been incredible and the feedback we’ve had has been hugely positive.

“The fact that we’ve signed over 75% of the space is proof that we’ve delivered on our promise and we look forward to seeing how our new and future members interact and grow together.”

Phil Cooper, vice president of operations, EMEA region at Allegis Global Solutions, commented:

“Birmingham was the obvious choice for us as we wanted to establish ourselves in a city with a highly educated, diverse, and young demographic.

“As a fast-expanding global company with operations in 66 countries, we wanted to make sure we positioned ourselves in a city with globally-minded and ambitious young professionals. We’re excited about the opportunity to grow here in Birmingham.”

Wolverhampton will come together to show their support for the men and women of the Army, Navy and Air Force at a series of community events to mark this year's Armed Forces Day.

The national Armed Forces Day commemorations take place on Saturday 24 June, 2017, giving the country the chance to pay tribute to serving troops, veterans, cadets and their families.

Wolverhampton will be marking the occasion with a week of events, beginning on Monday 19 June with a flag raising ceremony outside the Civic Centre during which the Armed Forces Day flag will be proudly flown.

Over the next few days, there will be a range of activities for the whole community at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, in local libraries and at the Mander Centre.

The public will also be invited to join a guided tour around the city centre's many war memorials, while members of the Royal British Legion Riders, the motorcycling branch of the charity, will be riding through the city centre and displaying their vehicles.

On Armed Forces Day itself, the Mander Centre will host a special event featuring performances, demonstrations, exhibits and activities for all the family, hosted by "Winston Churchill" himself and ending with a flag lowering ceremony.

Throughout the week, people will be encouraged to show their support for the Armed Forces through the #saluteourforces social media campaign.

Full details of the events, which are being organised by the City of Wolverhampton Council, are currently being finalised – the full programme will be announced in the coming weeks.

Mayor of Wolverhampton Councillor Barry Findlay said: "Armed Forces Day 2017 will be the culmination of a week of celebrations in Wolverhampton honouring the incredible contribution made by the UK's Armed Forces in the past, present and future. “It is our chance to demonstrate our gratitude to them, and I hope the people of Wolverhampton will turn out in force to show their support."

To find out more about events taking place in Wolverhampton to mark Armed Forces Day, please contact Sam Axtell on 01902 554918 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more details about Armed Forces Day, please visit

Wolverhampton is a signatory of the Armed Forces Community Covenant, a pledge of mutual support between the city and its Armed Forces community

It calls on local people to support the Armed Forces community, recognise and remember the sacrifices they have made over the years and encourage activities that help members of the Armed Forces integrate into local life.

It also encourages members of the Armed Forces support the wider community, and promote understanding and awareness among the public of some of the issues faced by former members of the Armed Forces as they return to civilian life.

This year’s Arabian Travel Market witnessed a 10% increase in visitors from the GCC and a 7% increase in international visitors to the event, which was held in Dubai World Trade Centre from April 24-27.

For the second year in succession, visitor numbers smashed through the 28,000 mark – the show saw a 71% increase in visitors over the last five years.

Simon Press, Senior Exhibition Director, ATM, said: “The continued growth of ATM is testament to the strength of the travel and tourism industry in the Middle East. The event has also built on its quality year on year and the professionalism of exhibitors and stands not only increases the brand value of their own organisation, but also that of Arabian Travel Market.

“Exhibition stand contracts signed during ATM 2017 for next year are up 38% year-on-year, with exhibitors keen to reserve their space for what promises to be a record-breaking event in 2018 as ATM celebrates its 25th anniversary.”

Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, ATM has grown to become the largest event of its kind in the region and one of the biggest in the world. The 2017 edition, on the theme of experiential travel sponsored by La Perle, boasted an additional hall, with 466 main stand holders representing 87 countries and over 100 new exhibitors making their debut. The number of countries represented at ATM 2017, taken from all attendees, totaled 157.

The show got off to an inspiring start, with an informative discussion on the legacy of Expo 2020. Now just under three years away, it was revealed that plans for the site after the world showcase concludes will see 80% of the plot re-developed with all Expo’s assets and transport infrastructure re-purposed for future use by a range of tenants and major private sector firms.

Commenting on the overall session, Press said: “The seminar also explored the importance of Dubai’s sustainable tourism initiatives, the expansion of the emirate’s airports’ capacity and the engagement of global audiences through partnerships with celebrities and social media influencers.”

National charity Action on Hearing Loss is urging people to abandon any stereotypes they might have about the 11 million people living with hearing loss in the UK and help bridge the communication gap for Deaf Awareness Week.

According to the charity, more than 900,000 people in the UK are severely deaf; 24,000 use sign language as their main language; and due to our ageing population by 2035 it is estimated that 15.6 million people will have some form of hearing loss.

During this week, May 15 to 21, the charity is asking people to help stop the prejudice that many of those with hearing loss still experience when out and about, in the workplace and meeting new people.

Senior audiologist at Action on Hearing Loss, Gemma Twitchen, said: “Hearing Loss affects people of all ages and can be caused by a number of factors, including exposure to loud noises, virus or disease, aging and it can be inherited.

“Small changes in our lives can make a big impact on people with hearing loss, so let this be the week you forget all the stereotypes you’ve heard and just make some new friends.”

Here are some useful tips from Action on Hearing Loss you can use:

  • Even if someone is wearing hearing aids it doesn't mean they can hear you perfectly. Ask if they need to lipread.
  • Speak clearly but not too slowly, and don't exaggerate your lip movements – this can make it harder to lipread.
  • Don't shout. It can be uncomfortable for hearing aid users and it looks aggressive.
  • If someone doesn't understand what you've said, don't keep repeating it. Try saying it in a different way instead.
  • Check that the person you're talking to is following you during the conversation. Use plain language and don't waffle. Avoid jargon and unfamiliar abbreviations.
  • To make it easy to lipread, don’t cover your mouth with your hands or clothing.
  • If you’re going on a date at a restaurant, find a suitable place to talk, with good lighting and away from loud speakers and distractions.
  • Get the listener's attention before you start speaking, maybe by waving or tapping them on the arm.
  • Use natural facial expressions and gestures.
  • Make sure you have face-to-face contact with the person you are talking to.
  • If someone is working with a BSL interpreter, always remember to talk directly to the person you are communicating with, not the interpreter.
  • If you're talking to a group that includes deaf and hearing people, don't just focus on the hearing people.

A strong Alzheimer's Society presence at Birmingham's Grand Central will mark this year’s Dementia Awareness Week (14-20 May) with events being held at the station on 16th and 18th May.

Alzheimer’s Society staff and volunteers will be out and about in Birmingham to encourage residents to unite against dementia. People will be able to put their questions to the experts. Trained staff will be on hand to provide information and advice to anyone worried about or affected by dementia.

Staff and volunteers from Alzheimer's Society will be present at the Grand Central station concourse from 7am-10am and 3pm-6pm on Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th May. Anyone is welcome to come and speak about dementia. 

This year, Alzheimer’s Society is asking people to come together to unite against dementia, forgetting their differences to help urgently find a cure, improve care, and offer help and understanding during Dementia Awareness Week.

Steve Hayward, Services Manager for Alzheimer’s Society in Birmingham and Solihull said:

“We’re calling on people across Birmingham to show their support at any of our events this Dementia Awareness Week.

“Dementia doesn’t care who you are; it could affect us all. It’s set to be the 21st century’s biggest killer, with someone developing it every three minutes, and so many people are facing it alone. We hope these events will help give people a better understanding of the support available to them.

“People with dementia often feel – and are – misunderstood, marginalised and isolated but with the right support and understanding they can continue to live fulfilling lives and make a contribution to their communities.”

Alzheimer’s Society is here for anyone affected by dementia.

The biggest names in UK cricket came together to launch a brand new initiative 'Cricket Has No Boundaries.'  The ‘Cricket Has No Boundaries’ campaign is designed to showcase and celebrate the diversity of modern cricket in the UK, support the ECB’s aim for a game for everyone and mirror the bank’s own commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The powerful imagery featured in the ‘Cricket Has No Boundaries’ campaign uses authentic real-life examples of the breadth and range of participants in cricket across England and Wales. 

At the heart of the campaign is a partnership with Chance to Shine, the charity that uses cricket to increase aspiration, promote social cohesion and create opportunities in diverse communities affected by youth crime and anti-social behaviour.
The campaign will be the first undertaken by NatWest, as it assumes its new role as Principal Partner of England Cricket. NatWest is the longest-standing sponsor of cricket anywhere in the world with a track record of nearly 40 years’ support for England’s national sport. The Bank believes cricket is the most diverse and inclusive sport in England and Wales, offering access and opportunities to people of any age, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, social or ethnic background.
People will be encouraged to pledge their support through a range of initiatives that will raise funds for Chance to Shine and will mobilise the Bank’s 60,000 staff and 16m customers.

The Sarojin, Thailand's luxurious 56-roomed boutique residence, is celebrating the start of this year's wedding season with the launch of a new and enchanting wedding package. Offering the highest level of personalised service, in addition to beautiful beach weddings, couples can now join together at the foot of a mesmerising waterfall in the heart of the jungle, the perfect location for a truly unique and intimate ceremony. Inclusive of luxury accommodation, a wedding ceremony, photography, spa treatments, romantic private candlelit dining on the beach and a special Buddhist blessing of love, The Sarojin's 'Wonderful Waterfall Weddings' can be booked year-round.

On waking at The Sarojin a truly luxurious service awaits, and this is especially true of the resort's brand new 'Wonderful Waterfall Weddings' package. Inclusive of three nights' accommodation in one of the resort's Garden Residences – upgrading to a Spa Suite subject to availability – The Sarojin's dedicated team will be on hand every step of the way, perfecting even the smallest of details to make for an unforgettable celebration of love. Joining together with Thailand's natural beauty as the backdrop, couples will choose between a Thai or Western wedding ceremony before making their life-long vows to the hypnotic sounds of a captivating waterfall.

As part of the package, nuptials include tailor-made vows, readings and music; a Buddhist monk or celebrant; an elegant one-tiered wedding cake; venue hire and set-up; venue decoration including luck chains, frangipani and orchids; a bottle of sparkling wine; a personal wedding planner for bespoke requests; and 4-hours of photography, allowing couples to cherish their special day for a lifetime.

Beware of the T-Rex when it goes on the rampage in Bilston for a fun family-friendly day dedicated to all things dinosaur. Bilston Gallery is celebrating dinosaurs on Saturday, May 27 from 11am to 3pm.

Young visitors can meet a life-like T-Rex, dress up and have their faces painted just like a dinosaur, and find out lots of fascinating dinosaur facts with the amazing Dr. Fossil.

Visitors can either buy tickets in advance at The Ticket Factory or simply turn up on the day (cash payments only on the day).

It has been organised to celebrate the gallery’s current, free Discover Dinosaurs exhibition featuring Beaky, Tiny and Barry - the pet names for the huge dinosaur models on show.

Marguerite Nugent, City of Wolverhampton Council Manager for Arts and Culture said: “The Discover Dinosaurs exhibition has already attracted hundreds of visitors. This Bank Holiday weekend family fun day features an amazing T-Rex model, which comes to life, as well as lots of great child-friendly activities.”

Among the popular exhibits in the current show is Stan – a model of a T Rex skull measuring almost two metres long. Joining Stan is Tiny, a not-so small animatronic baby T Rex which hunts for a herbivore creature as it would have done when creatures like it walked the earth millions of years ago.

Barry the Baryonyx gives visitors the chance to learn about one of the largest fish-eating dinosaurs. Its crocodile-like head and dangerous claws made it a master hunter of rivers and lakes around 125 million years ago.

Flying above the gallery space is the two metre-long head of Beaky - a Pterosaur, which was neither a bird or a bat but a reptile which soared above the land more than 200 million years ago.

Fast-forward to the Ice Age and meet Fluffy, a full-size mammoth, which towers above the other models. The Discover Dinosaurs exhibition is free and runs until August 13. Bilston Gallery, in Mount Pleasant, is open Thursday to Saturday from noon to 4pm.