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A UK-based blogging network for dads has proved so supremely successful that it is organising it’s first ever ‘Day of the Dad.’ The day will see dads coming together to celebrate dadhood in all its forms just ahead of Father’s Day.

Muslim diabetics in Birmingham have been urged not to put their health at risk by fasting during the forthcoming month of Ramadan. Throughout Ramadan (2015: 18 June to 17 July) most Muslims are required to refrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours. But diabetics are exempt from this if fasting would put their health at risk. (Speak to your Imam for more information).

Medieval Wolverhampton, Georgian enamelling and high rise flats will be the subject of talks exploring different facets of local history. Wolverhampton City Council's Arts and Museums Service regularly organises local history talks on a wide variety of topics, including two in June.