Team17 has partnered with Reality Gaming Group to create high quality, low energy consuming, Worms NFT collectibles, giving fans the chance to own a unique piece of video game memorabilia. The limited edition ‘MetaWorms’ NFTs will encompass content from across the 26-year history of the beloved Worms franchise - which has sold 75 million units globally - in the form of unique, generative artwork.


Each MetaWorms NFT ( will be secured and protected on the blockchain, providing documented ownership indefinitely – each digital collectible item will be 100% owned by the person who bought it. Moreover, Worms digital collectibles are one-of-a-kind and cannot be copied, which makes them scarce and potentially quite valuable.

The generative MetaWorms NFTs will be created and managed by Reality Gaming Group using its Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform, which creates NFTs, online stores and marketplaces connected to the company’s own “side-chain” of the Ethereum mainnet. Crucially, this enables the creation of environmentally friendly NFTs that offer substantial reductions to the amount of energy used per transaction - The cost of minting 100,000 NFTs on Reality Gaming Group's sidechain uses the same energy as the average ANNUAL kettle usage of just 11 households. 

In addition, Reality Gaming Group and Team17 have partnered with sustainability platform “Coin 4 Planet”. A portion of the sale of every NFT will go directly to Refeed Farms, which is using vertical worm beds to replace synthetic fertilizers and replenish soil. This also applies to secondary market sales for the lifetime of the NFT.

It marks a real commitment to give back to the planet and help our digital products make a significant difference in the real world. The partnership with Reality Gaming Group represents Team17’s debut in the exciting world of NFTs, with the studio joining an ever-growing list of established video game developers and publishers exploring the exciting opportunities offered by blockchain technology. 

Additional ground-breaking games and blockchain collectibles created by Reality Gaming Group publishing arm Reality Studios and the DAT Platform include Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, Reality Clash and Smighties Universe, plus non-game NFT content with the likes of Toikido toys and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.