Set directly on the beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this adults-only pristine getaway, The House, successfully met the Green Globe Standard requirements attaining a notable compliance score of 73%. The resort offers seclusion with cultural and historical destinations located nearby. Natural wonders including Harrison’s Cave also await visitors.

Petra Wilson, Front Office Manager at The House said, “The environment is everything as The House is now Green Globe certified. We hope that this certification keeps us in line with best practices regarding matters such as health and safety in the workplace, and environmental awareness in relation to community development and recycling. We hope this achievement will take us to the next level and we are seen as a hotel that takes environmental measures seriously.”

The House is committed to implementing environmental initiatives both within and outside the resort. A Green Team has been established and monthly meetings are held. Led by Miss Wilson these sessions are used to disseminate information regarding sustainability and ensure objectives are realized. Topics have included water efficiency targets and goals and community development projects.

Last September, a recycling program was discussed and later launched by the Green Team. With the help of fellow staff members, a plastic and glass bottle recycling program is now in place and running smoothly. This is a new and rewarding achievement for everyone involved.

The House is currently planning other green initiatives such as beach clean ups and labeling native trees. Tree identification will educate guests about the local tropical plant species grown in the gardens. Water saving messages will also be placed on taps in guest rooms.

To reduce energy consumption, a solar hot water system has been installed and provides 90% of the property’s hot water. Inverter technology, which is significantly more efficient, is utilized in all guest rooms and some of the offices for cooling. In addition, parking lot lights are controlled by photocells. Energy saving appliances in guest rooms include TVs and coffee machines. While printers and computers in offices are energy star rated. The House plans to establish regular monitoring of energy and water usage in its first year of certification.

Low flow showerheads and faucets are fitted on taps in guest rooms and public areas to minimize water usage. And a towel and linen reuse program is in place to reduce water and electricity consumption.

Waste reduction measurements include a reuse policy whereby towels, linen and bedspreads that are no longer used are donated to charity. Also, old printers and toners are sent to a recycling facility. Furthermore, various suppliers have a take back policy where egg delivery cartons and beer bottles are reused.