An initiative of the Tourism Development Company Limited, the Visitor Guides Program is designed to meet the needs of our locals and visitors, more specifically; those who prefer to walk and experience the splendor of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival. Travelers to the City of Port of Spain now have the opportunity to explore a wealth of Carnival activities with the assistance of Tourism Visitor Guides, strategically positioned throughout the streets of Port of Spain, from February 5 to 9.

This year the programmer includes the positioning of 25 Visitor Guides, equipped with maps and destination brochures at strategic locations in Trinidad. The Visitor Guides will be outfitted in brightly colored t-shirts, adorned with the TDC and Sun Fun Destination Logos on the front and the words Carnival Visitor Guide emblazoned on the back.

“We are committed to ensuring that every visitor experiences the warmth and vivacity of Trinidad and Tobago and will be deploying Visitor Guides in and around Port of Spain to assist locals and visitors, experiencing the brilliance of Carnival in the City,” explains Keith Chin, Chief Executive Officer of the TDC.

Chin continues, “In addition to assisting tourists, Visitor Guides will play an important role in offering assistance and information to locals who are unfamiliar with the city or merely want information on sites, attractions, shopping or interesting events.”

The Visitor Guides training is intense and includes instruction in customer service, communication skills and safety to ensure each Visitor Guide is equipped to perform as a national tourism ambassador.