New Freedom of Information data obtained by reveals 55,610 potholes were reported to local authorities in the region in 2017/18, and a new scrolling animation highlights just how much of an issue potholes cause for motorists in the West Midlands, as the problem is revealed to stretch almost 2km deep.

The animation also allows users to drill down to specific areas within the West Midlands, and Birmingham comes out on top for having the deepest pothole problem in the region, with almost 14,000 potholes reported in one year, stretching to 545m deep.

Top 5 local authority areas in the West Midlands with the biggest pothole problem in 2017/18, ranked by depth.

Local authority area No. of potholes reported Total depth £ spent on repairs £ spent on compensation
Birmingham 13,630 545m N/A £9,890
Staffordshire 19,624 392m £7,060 £186,428
Warwickshire 4,655 233m £15,147 £45,318
Stoke-on-Trent 4,975 199m £4,934,118 £13,806
Shropshire 4,500 113m N/A £9,752
Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “Our scrolling animation shows just how deep the West Midlands’ pothole problem goes – a problem that has caused councils to pay out more than £308,000 in compensation for pothole damage to vehicles in the last year alone.

“Re-claiming the costs for pothole damage can be confusing for drivers. Many don’t know if it’s best to claim from your insurer, or from the council. To help clear this confusion, drivers looking to claim for pothole damage can find all of the information they need to start the process in our guide.”