The University of Magdalena’s Hotel Management Technology and Tourism and Hotel Business Administration programs have been working for several years on a project based on strengthening tourism training in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This project was published by one of the most rigorous international portals on tourism issues, called Tourism and Society Think Tank, it seeks to reflect and offer contributions that allow us to anticipate and trace tourism trends in the world and their impact on communities, in this occasion the strengthening of this sector in the mountainous massif was pondered.


The project aims to train the indigenous and peasant communities of this memorable place in fundamental aspects of contextualization, practices and application of tourism, and thus contribute to the sustainable development of this territory. Since 2018, the Universidad del Magdalena has been developing this type of intervention and today it is recognized worldwide by one of the most renowned portals in this economic sector, the publication was made in three languages and can be consulted through the link:

The first phase of this project included the participation of indigenous communities such as Koguis and Arhuacos, as well as peasants, in a strengthening diploma for tourism. Currently, according to the director of the Technology in Hotel Management and Tourism and Hotel Business Administration programs, the administrator, Humberto Calabria Arrieta, has a new alliance with the Dutch embassy and with ICO Corporation.

The foregoing, in order to advance knowledge of gastronomy through different diploma courses and that leads to a second phase with tourist designs where classes will be resumed with the ‘El Mamey’ ethno-educational school and if they will invite other schools in the sector. Each of these phases will have as main participants students and teachers and in this way create sustainable products with a regenerative view of tourism in the Tayrona Park, Buritaca and surrounding sectors.