The luxurious Paresa Resort Phuket offers guests the chance to combine exclusivity and authentic Thai experiences with its unique choice of 'adventures'.   The imaginative experiences, created by the hotel's General Manager and his team include 'Tales of a Rice Farmer', where guests are taught the secrets of Southern Thai cuisine by Khun Mina, the island chief and rice farmer on the small island of Yao Noi.

A heritage night walk through the historic areas of Phuket, sampling local street food en route and a sunrise trip to nearby Kamala to receive a Monk's Blessing.

Translated as 'Heaven of all Heavens' in Sanskrit, Paresa Resort Phuket is a luxurious hideaway built into the cliffs of Kamala on Phuket's 'millionaires' mile'.  Surrounded by lush, tropical virgin forest, it features 48 individually designed suites and villas with pools and breath-taking 270 degree views over the clear waters of the Andaman Sea. 

While there is plenty to explore within the resort, from the Infinity Dining experience to the luxurious spa treatments on offer, guests can also choose from these incredible adventures, each offering extraordinary experiences and the chance to explore Thai culture and the beautiful surrounding area.

Tales of a rice farmer

The north-east of Phuket Island is an area of outstanding natural beauty comprising of over 100 deserted islands that have largely stayed untouched over centuries. On the sleepy Bang Rong Pier, deep in the mangroves, awaits a local boat 'captain' in his traditional Thai long tail boat, ready to take guests to the small island of Yao Noi. On the way is a short stop on the small island of Koh Naka, with a quiet beach just perfect for a short dip in the ocean and an ice cold fresh coconut juice.

Upon reaching the island of Koh Yao Noi, guests are guided to a small wooden log cabin amongst the rice paddies to meet Khun Mina. This charming hostess, cook, grandma, friend and island chief imparts the secrets of her family recipes and unlock the smells and tastes of true Southern Thai delicacies. This is much more than just a cooking lesson; it's a lesson in life taught by someone who has seen and done it all, a truly unforgettable experience that is only available to Paresa guests.

Khao Sok lake & jungle adventure

Deep in the Khao Sok forest lies the breathtaking Rachaprapha Lake, spanning over 170 square kilometres. This epic day trip travels over three provinces deep into the South of Thailand, with a stop at the sacred Bang Reang temple, high upon a mountain top, plus a cruise on the turquoise waters of the lake aboard a traditional Thai long tail boat against the spectacular backdrop of majestic limestone cliffs. Lunch is served on a floating raft in the middle of the lake, before guests have time to enjoy a spot of kayaking, observe the local wildlife and relax in the stunning surroundings.

Phuket heritage night walk

This exclusive Heritage Night Walk is aimed at re-discovering the charm and authenticity of 'old' Phuket at night, learning from the locals what island life was like 60 years ago by visiting local shrines and old shops and paying respect to the spirits at the local amulet market where protection charms can be 'rented'. Departing Paresa at 4.30pm to catch the best time at the market, guests can eat street food like a local and taste the delicious Muslim and Chinese-influenced food brought to Phuket by the Hokkien immigrants in the 19th century. Some sections of Phuket's old town dates back to 1880 and this sleepy village-like community has been preserved in time. The charm and true authenticity of this magical old town is hard to find anywhere else in Thailand.

Monks' blessing

For centuries monks have left their temples every morning and walked through local towns accepting alms from the local community. With this sunrise trip to one of the resort's favourite local pagodas in nearby Kamala, guests can offer food to the monks for this 'tak bat' before receiving a spiritual blessing of love. Offering a small basket of items prepared by the Paresa chefs to the monks is a sign of respect, and the monk returns his thanks with a spiritual blessing. The monk presents a small dish of holy water, gently pouring it over guests' hands to cleanse the spirit whilst chanting ancient Pali-Sanskrit mantras. The remaining holy water is lightly sprinkled around, leaving a feeling of lightness and calm. The walking meditation occurs at first light and is a very spiritual experience, a special way to start a new marriage or just to unwind or end a stay at Paresa.

Land & sea cave exploring

In Phang Nga Province, just over the bridge from Paresa, awaits a magical area of deep caves, secret temples, a floating village and stunning sea caves ready to be explored. This unforgettable day trip begins with a visit to the famous reclining Buddha in a cave estimated to be over 160 years old and the majestic elephant cave with its endless waterways and tunnels and impressive stalactite formations thousands of years old. Leaving Phang Nga Bay by traditional long tail boat, lunch is served on the iconic floating village drifting deep in the river estuary before the tour explores the stunning sea caves and hidden lagoons with a brief stop at the iconic James Bond Island.

Elephant bathing safari

Deep in the Thai jungle in neighbouring Phang Nga Province is a playground of wetlands and river estuaries, home to a huge variety of animal life and virgin forests bordering the majestic Khao Sok National Park. Guests can join Paresa's expert English-speaking guide for an unforgettable day trip visiting this stunning unspoiled area, including the sea turtle conservation centre, the chance to swim with elephants, a boat ride down the majestic Takuapa River and lunch in an authentic local restaurant overlooking rice paddies.

Other experiences include:

'Catch your own lunch' where guests head out to sea with Paresa's experienced boat captain and guide for an unforgettable fishing trip uncovering the secrets of traditional Thai fishing before returning to the hotel to enjoy their catch for lunch or dinner.

Snorkelling on 'Wow' Island

Just 30 minutes from Kamala beach lies the stunning 'Wow' Island, renowned for its turquoise waters, coral reef and marine life.

John Gray's sea canoe safari

An afternoon of sea cave canoeing exploring Phang Nga Bay's stunning marine caves. Guests will have the chance to canoe into these amazing caves and hidden lagoons found by the legendary John Gray in 1989 on a true Ecotourism adventure surrounded by great nature and wildlife.

 'Lady Paresa' sunset cruise

Andaman sunsets are amongst the most spectacular in the world and guests can enjoy them in private on board the resort's own 'Lady Paresa' boat.