Organisers of the 2021 World Athletics Championships have agreed to stage the event the following year, but insist that it will not clash with the Commonwealth Games of the same r

The Championships, set to be held in the United States, was originally due to be held in 2021, but has had to change due to the current worldwide-affecting coronavirus crisis.

With the Tokyo Olympics – which was due to take place this year – now pushed forward to next year, the Worlds’ – due to be held in Eugene, in Oregon - will, subsequently, be pushed forward a year.

But, as such, it did bring out some concerns as to whether it might clash with the Commonwealth Games, which is set-out as THE major international athletics attraction on the sport’s calendar for that year.

Following a period of lengthy, heavy negotiations, compromises with athletics’ governing body were reached to move the event to 15-24 July 2022 so that it doesn’t clash with the Commonwealth Games of that year, which will be taking place in Birmingham from July 27 – August 7.

Lord Coe, president of the IAAF said: “Our guiding principle in rescheduling was to ensure enough space was created enough space around the centrepiece World Athletics Championships for athletes to choose other major events to compete in.

“We were also very mindful that we didn’t damage the other major championships in 2022.

The European Championships is also due in 2022

That is set to take place in Munich, in Germany and is set to start in August 11.