Next Home has created a TikTok recipe index containing the most popular recipes on TikTok alongside their nutritional values, the ingredients and a step-by-step guide to recreate at home. 

Recipe trends such as Feta Pasta and Dalgona Coffee have taken the internet by storm, with some TikTok recipe videos seeing as many as 3.2 billion views (and counting). But what are the world’s favourite TikTok recipes and how can they be recreated in your home kitchen? 

 Next Home has looked at the number of TikTok views, Google search volume for the recipe, Instagram hashtags, the number of ingredients and the prep and cooking time to uncover the easiest and most popular TikTok recipes to recreate at home.  

At the top of the best TikTok recipes to recreate at home is Dalgona coffee which is essentially a whipped coffee consisting of just three ingredients - coffee, sugar and milk.  

The iced coffee will take you approximately eight minutes to prepare, making it one of the quickest to recreate at home - and definitely something that you can fit into your coffee break while working from home. The recipe is widely loved online with over 583 million views on TikTok and 589k Instagram hashtags. 

Second, on the list is Cloud bread - a fluffy cloud-like bread with pastel blue and pink colours inside. With over 3.2 billion views on TikTok, this makes it the most viewed TikTok recipe of all, obtaining over double the views of Pancake cereal, which ranked second with 1.6 billion views. It’s also often searched for with a high search volume of 12,100 Google searches in the UK. The Cloud bread TikTok trend promises to be incredibly Instagrammable too with over 45.7k hashtags on Instagram.  

Another hugely popular TikTok recipe, Nature’s Cereal makes the top 10 ranking seventh overall. The healthy twist on cereal has seen close to a billion (924.7 million) views on TikTok, but just 6.5k Instagram hashtags. To recreate at home, you’ll need just five minutes to spare and five key ingredients: coconut water, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pomegranate seeds and chopped fresh mint.

The 10 most romantic TikTok recipes:

  1. Delogna Coffee (583M views)
  2. Cloud bread (3.2 billion views)
  3. Hot chocolate bombs (308.7M views)
  4. Angel Milk (24.8M views)
  5. Shakshuka (37.4M views)
  6. Oreo Mug Cake (144.8M views)
  7. Nature's Cereal (924.7M views)
  8. Breakfast Sandwich (192M views)
  9. Twisted Bacon (14.4M views)
  10. Frozen Corn Syrup (59.1M views)