Are UK Councils Amped up for Electric Vehicles? A Revealing New Study...

Are UK Councils Amped up for Electric Vehicles? A Revealing New Study Investigates.


A huge new study conducted by comparing every single local authority in the UK for their use of electric vehicles has been released. In the last quarter of 2014 a total of 433 individual councils were surveyed via freedom of information requests, each being asked how many purely electric cars they own, lease or manage.

Electric vehicles are surging in popularity year on year; 2014 alone saw a massive 166.6% increase in pure EV registrations. The government is doing its bit as well to spark interest in the battery operated vehicle market; by offering special discount grants on electric cars and vans. With national statistics showing an increase in the uptake of EVs, Intelligent Car Leasing was curious to see what adoption levels in the public sector are like.

After a lot of sorting and comparing the results have finally been published; giving an electrifying account of which councils are hooked up and which aren’t. You can visit the following URL to see the published results and search an interactive database for any individual council’s response.

Pete McAllister who conducted the study commented: “With 1 in 3 local councils adopting electric vehicles on some level it paints an encouraging picture. I think as electricity production in the UK becomes more fuelled by renewables the number of councils adopting electric powered transport will vastly increase.”

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