Thrill-seekers are revving up for 007-style action in the Caribbean, as the island of Aruba enhances its reputation as a beach haven where you can also get up and go! The latest addition for wannabe James Bonds is Seabob, an underwater scooter which provides an effortless excursion around the marine world of this watersports idyll. Seabob is billed as the most technically advanced, eco-friendly and fastest vehicle for moving both on and under the water. Propelled by a pollution-free electric stream power system, Seabob allows its user to cruise on the sea surface at almost 15mph, while you can also dive down to 40 metres at up to 10mph.

Safe and child-friendly, it is offered to everyone from the age of 12 to marvel at Aruba's myriad tropical fish and coral reefs. Users can master the use of Seabob in minutes, applying only light pressure to begin a dive, the depth of which can be pre-set.

Seabob neatly complements another powered thrill popular in Aruba – JetLev. Red Sail Sports, based on Palm Beach, offer this exhilarating experience, which enables you to soar 30-feet into the air and hover over the water using the system's water-propelled jetpack. A custom-designed, 225 horsepower engine drives the system and a 'flight assistant' is on hand to ensure a safe and thrilling experience.

There are plenty of less technical but just as enjoyable thrills on this Dutch Caribbean island. From hiking the walking trails of the desert-like Arikok National Park, with its caves with bats and ancient Arawak Indian paintings, to night diving, stand-up paddle boarding and all-terrain vehicle safaris.

Tandem skydiving is also available for those wanting to experience one of the world's most scenic drop zones from 10,000 feet or Aruba's cycling community often organises night-time rides along countryside trails or paths along the island's rugged northern coast. Bike rentals and associated equipment are offered at a number of bike shops and by local tour operators.