Through personal experience, from the Bible and from urge from people wanting him to document the things he said which motivate them in the course of teaching or conversation has inspired author Fidel Frederick to write “Greatness Without Tears”. This book will teach readers how not to be contented with their comfort zone or current position by giving them the vim to move to upper levels even when they think they do not need to grow further in anything. It tells them how everything is possible if only they will rise up from their “I cannot do it” position to “I can do it” position coupled with their believing because God has given them the ability to be great.

“The world today needs information, motivation and the knowledge of the word of God,” Frederick points out. “This is not about religion, but about knowing the truth. If you know that your words are powerful for instance, you will stop saying negative things and start embracing the beauty God has deposited in benevolent words.”

“Greatness Without Tears” is meant for everyone who wants to grow remarkably and improve his or her situation, despite occupation or age. It will help them discover their route to success.