Birmingham based independent production company, Threewise Entertainment, and BOA Stage & Screen Production Academy have announced a groundbreaking film and TV industry talent partnership ahead of a new motion-caption feature film set to shoot in the UK in 2023. The partnership will see final year students at BOA Stage & Screen Production Academy, based in Ladywood, Birmingham, given the opportunity to secure their first industry production credits working alongside a raft of industry professionals from the TV, film and games sector.


Up to 80 Trainees from the Academy will work alongside industry crew both on and offscreen to support the production of Threewise’s debut feature film intended to shoot in summer 2023. The original production will blend live-action performance and digital motion capture characters using the same technology utilised in Hollywood productions from Star Wars to Planet of the Apes and James Cameron’s forthcoming Avatar sequels.

Title and plot details for the new film are closely under wraps but the production hails from RTS winning UK Producer Michael Ford, and Writer/Director duo Matt Cooke & Vince Lund who together co-created Nickelodeon’s newest Kids & Family adventure series, Rock Island Mysteries, currently airing worldwide on the channel. Rock Island Mysteries is produced in partnership with Fremantle Australia, with production currently underway down under on Season 2.

What the trio of creators will reveal is that the film is set to follow a streetwise group of teens who must save their city from a fantastical threat, and is said to evoke classic creature-features such as Gremlins, Attack the Block and Goosebumps.

Based on an original idea by Ford, and written by Matt & Vince, the project will also tackle real-world issues affecting millions of modern youngsters. “As a kids and family indie we want to create authentic content with, not just for, young audiences. We believe this is critical to ensuring our productions remain relevant and engaging.” says Michael Ford, Co-Founder and Head of Content at Threewise Entertainment, “This is why our film partnership with BOA means so much to us.”

BOA Stage & Screen Production is a unique academy for 16-19 year-olds based in Birmingham that mirrors the structure of a film studio with multiple disciplines all working together from production design to construction, make-up and costume, VFX, camera, sound, screenwriting, performance capture and acting. Their commitment to partnering with the industry means they provide an incredible opportunity to trainees, who can then bring so much value to professional productions.

“When Threewise approached us seeking to engage with our young people, we knew this film project was the perfect opportunity for our students.” says Michael Painter, Principal at BOA Stage and Screen Production Academy. Given the explosion of screen production output and new technologies in the UK, the UK screen body has recognised a notable talent shortage, with a lack of trained young people coming into the sector with the right level of skills. “BOA is at the forefront of training young people with the skills they need to gain direct employment within the industry and projects like our collaboration with Threewise are critical to students’ professional development.”

“When Threewise presented the film concept to us, we were immediately struck by its relevance to an important issue young people are facing, whilst also being excited by its 80s teen adventure spirit and the potential for tackling these issues in a way that remains thought-provoking but fun for the audience.” said long-term collaborators Matt & Vince, whose body of work includes writing for long-running BBC drama productions.

Applications to BOA Stage & Screen Production Academy are now open, for September 2023 intake.