Seattle based game development studio Gerdoo Games have announced that their social deduction title Republic of Jungle was featured at EGX 2022.

Challenge between five and ten of your friends in the ultimate game of who knows who best! Created with the studio's key message at heart: bringing people together, Republic of Jungle is set to immerse you and your loved ones in a battle of the wits! But who can you trust?


In Republic of Jungle, you will role-play one of the advisors of President Puma. But Puma’s got a problem - he keeps being undermined by scandals! Can you find and vote out the individuals who are undermining his authority, or are you one of the Leakers hoping that nobody will catch on that you’re the one leaking the stories to Fiona Fox, world-renowned broadcaster?

  • Entertain your friends at your home, remotely or stream it for the world to see! This experience is for everyone
  • Jump right in no matter your familiarity with online collaborative titles - the guided experience makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels
  • Win in a variety of ways no matter what side you are on - so there’s always the possibility the tides can quickly turn!