New research from AB InBev reveals that over three quarters (78%) of Brits consider themselves to be moderate drinkers, with health benefits being the key factor in driving smart drinking habits; a third of Brits thank smarter drinking for staying in shape. The results suggest that Brits are switching it up and are well on their way to a more moderate drinking culture, with only 16% of Brits admitting to drinking above the recommended guidelines.

The research was commissioned by AB InBev to demonstrate the benefits of smart drinking – or switching it up -  for the British public, where opting for alcohol-free beer is an easy way to help Brits moderate their drinking and reap the rewards, from feeling healthier and managing weight to saving money and avoiding the dreaded hangover.

What we miss if we aren’t smart with our drinking

We have all experienced a hangover, but some have had it so bad that they’ve missed a day at work (14%), with Londoners the worst culprits (20%). On the flip side, it comes as no surprise that a quarter (25%) of 18-34 year olds enjoy feeling more productive at work if they’ve moderated their drinking the evening before.

Thirteen percent have skipped plans with friends – rising to nearly a quarter for those aged 18-44 (23%). Thirty-seven percent of students admit to missing university lectures as a result of a heavy night.

Brits don’t just miss out if they over-consume - 18% of people have also been to a wedding that’s been ruined by someone drinking too much. A further 17% percent have had a family gathering affected, and work events have been spoilt for 16% of people. Nearly a quarter (23%) of those aged 18-34 have been to a birthday that’s been interrupted by someone who can’t moderate their drinking.

What motivates people to moderate

Britons main motivation to moderate their alcohol intake is to be healthier (29%). Nineteen percent of Brits want to manage their weight better, and 18% want to avoid a dreaded hangover. Almost a fifth are motivated by the monetary savings of moderate drinking (20%).

The average Brit spends £47 a month on alcohol – that amounts to nearly £600 a year. On top of this, a third of Brits have admitted to online shopping whilst under the influencer of alcohol. However, by moderating their alcohol intake, 15% of Brits have gone on holiday with the money they saved.

Some of us think about the shorter term benefits of being smart when drinking - almost half (45%) of Brits enjoybeing in control on a night out and 38% moderate their drinking so they don’t embarrass themselves during the evening or say inappropriate things (29%). Over a quarter (27%) feel like they look better on a night out when they drink sensibly.

Furthermore, the ultimate benefit of moderate drinking appears to be the lack of a headache the next day (47%)!