The number of motorists driving illegally in Wolverhampton bus lanes has fallen dramatically since cameras began being used to enforce the law earlier this year – so much so that the city council is to extend the scheme to cover more routes.

The council took over bus lane enforcement from the police in June and installed cameras in six locations which are used to identify and fine motorists who illegally enter them.

Since the cameras were installed, there has been a big drop in the amount of offences taking place.

In June, the cameras caught 11,198 motorists illegally driving in bus lanes, but that figure fell to just 3,319 in October.

Following this impressive drop, cameras will now be installed in three more bus lanes and enforcement will begin in the New Year.

The locations for the new cameras are:

  • Pipers Row between Berry Street / Railway Drive
  • Market Street between Bilston Street / Tower Street
  • Stafford Street between Fox’s Lane / Cannock Road

The cameras will be installed on the 30th November and will issue warning notices for the first few weeks of operation. Actual enforcement will commence on January 4 and motorists seen to be driving in bus lanes will be sent a fixed penalty charge of £70.

Councillor Peter Bilson, cabinet member for city assets, said: “Since we installed the first phase of bus lane cameras in the summer, the number of people breaking the law has dropped dramatically. Far fewer people are now driving in bus lanes which means buses can now get to their destinations more swiftly without getting stuck behind vehicles that shouldn’t be there.

“We always said we would introduce bus lane enforcement in phases to ensure the scheme was working. It is obvious from the figures that it is having the desired effect and has successfully reduced offending.

“We are now rolling out the second phase and we hope it will have a similar effect in these locations too. As we’ve always said, this is about enforcing the law and not catching anyone out. We are publicising what we are do, taking out adverts in the local media and putting signs on the lanes themselves. There will also be a warning period to give people time to adjust to the new method of enforcement.

“If you don’t break the law, you won’t get a ticket. It is a very simple message.”