CaribDirect Multi-Media and Fairweather Productions have announced the Caribbean Food and Drink Conference & Expo 2015 (CFDE) a collaboration with the Black Cultural Archives.

This event, planned for the benefit of Caribbean small to medium size businesses wanting to access the UK market as well as Caribbean businesses in the Diaspora wanting to trade or invest in Caribbean enterprises in the Caribbean, is expected to showcase the best of the Caribbean’s food and drinks while discussing the many factors that affect the trade and investment possibilities within the food and beverage industry.
The Caribbean Food and Drink Conference and Expo is hoped will attract large numbers of UK based Caribbean nationals and friends who may seize the opportunity to display their cooked and processed foods, drinks an d arts and craft items at the 2015 summer, Caribbean Food and Drink Expo 2015.
A sampling of various Caribbean foods and drinks will be available to participating African Caribbean and mainstream press representatives. David F. Roberts, Chief Executive of CaribDirect Multi-Media in London said
, ‘I’m particularly delighted that CaribDirect with our partner Fairweather Productions, are able to bring a much needed Caribbean Food and Drink Conference and Expo for the benefit of not only Caribbean nationals but multi-cultural Britain. Together we are confident this initiative will help motivate Caribbean food and drink manufacturers, distributors and entrepreneurs to increase sales.’
Caribbean Food and Drink Conference & Expo 2015 (CFDE) is intended to be an annual event. The CFDE conference is slated for Friday 10th July 2015 at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum Hotel while the Expo is expected to take place at the Windrush Square, the symbolic birthplace of modern British multiculturalism, on Sunday 12th.
July 2015