The Premier of the Cayman Islands believes a new Caribbean hospital's accreditation will stimulate interest in the Caribbean destination as a premier location for world-class healthcare and medical tourism.

Speaking at a press conference marking the award of the Joint Commission International's (JCI) Gold Seal of Approval to Health City Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin said the award meant Health City was now on the map for potential patients from all over the globe and particularly the United States where the JCI accreditation is highly regarded as one that ensures the highest quality of services within a healthcare environment.

"It means that Health City now operates on par with its peers in the United States, offering the same level of top quality healthcare as some of the best hospitals in the world. It means that overseas patients are safe in the knowledge that they will receive excellent healthcare," the Premier asserted.

A little more than year after it opened its doors to patients, Health City Cayman Islands, located in Grand Cayman, earned the designation from JCI, the worldwide leader in accrediting the quality of hospitals.

Premier McLaughlin pointed to the wider linkages of the hospital's success: "A strong economy is the lifeblood of our country, and Health City is doing its part to ensure Cayman's economy is robust. Not only will we see the number of tourists significantly increasing as patients and their families come to the Cayman Islands for healing and care, but ancillary services have already felt economic benefits. I am talking here of (national airline) Cayman Airways, hotels, hire car businesses, restaurants, shops and others who cater to those seeking out the excellent services of Health City."

Dr. Chandy Abraham, Health City's Facility Director and Head of Medical Services, was gratified Health City met the highest expectations and delivered on its promises. "This accreditation also lets our target population know that we are tested and have passed with flying colors. It is a recognition of Health City Cayman Islands being a center of excellence across the globe."

John D. Doyle, President and CEO of Ascension Holdings, saw synergies being created from Ascension's partnership with Health City: "We know that Dr. (Devi) Shetty and Narayana (Health) have introduced new health care methods in their communities in India. It is our hope that their knowledge, combined with our experience, will produce new models that make high-quality, low-cost care accessible for all the people of this region, and in fact around the world."

JCI is the international arm of The Joint Commission, the leading health care accreditor in the United States. JCI has accredited and certified 725 public and private health care organizations in 62 countries since accrediting its first hospital in 1999.

The Joint Commission International Hospital Standards aim to stimulate continuous, systematic and organization-wide improvements in daily performance and in the outcomes of patient care.

JCI will continue to monitor Health City Cayman Islands for compliance with all of the JCI Hospital standards on an ongoing basis throughout the three year accreditation cycle.