One Caribbean Television (OCTV) will host a reception in the nation's capital to celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage Month, which is observed  in June.

The reception, to be held on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 in the Rayburn House Office Building, will be hosted in conjunction with the Office of U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

The event will bring together Ambassadors from various Caribbean nations, Members of Congress and Caribbean business and cultural leaders to commemorate Congresswoman Lee's role in championing the historic bill that officially established the celebratory month.

"We believe it is fitting to unite Caribbean stakeholders in the celebration of an important month for the millions of people of Caribbean ancestry living in the Diaspora," said OCTV's newly appointed President of Sales & Marketing, Mark Walton. He added that Congresswoman Lee will be honored for her unrelenting commitment to the region and the Diaspora.

Walton said One Caribbean Television is also celebrating its 10 year anniversary of uniting the Caribbean to the world and providing a platform to highlight the beautiful people and places of the region.

For a decade, One Caribbean Television has been committed to providing the Caribbean region with weather, news, sports and entertainment programming along with daily shows from independent Caribbean television producers.

During National Caribbean-American Heritage Month last year, President Barack Obama saw it as opportune to "honor their history, culture, and essential role in the American narrative."

"Caribbean Americans are part of a great national tradition, descendants of hopeful, striving people who journeyed to our lands in search of a better life. They were drawn by a belief in the power of opportunity, a belief that through hard work and sacrifice, they could provide their children with chances they had never known. Thanks to these opportunities and their talent and perseverance, Caribbean Americans have contributed to every aspect of our society - from science and medicine to business and the arts," he stated.

The reception will allow guests from the public and private sectors to interact and learn more about One Caribbean Television's mission and plans for expansion into the U.S. and Canada.