The towns of Salou, Cambrils and Vila-Seca-La Pineda celebrated the summer solstice yesterday with the San Juan festival. Offering an evening of fireworks, bonfires and live music, the traditional festival was a vibrant and colourful celebration of the summer with events taking place throughout Catalonia. As part of the festivities, Cambrils showcased the region's famous human towers (castells), while all three destinations held 'dance of the devils' around the bonfires.  

Ahead of the event, local children walk through the villages collecting old furniture from their neighbours for the large bonfires that are lit during the festival. The bonfires symbolise the burning of the old and the beginning of a new season.  

The festival is also famous for the coca de San Juan pastry which is produced en masse by the local chefs and bakeries. The sweet pastry is a favourite with children and is covered with candied fruits. The Forn Sant bakery in Cambrils has been producing the pastry since 1865.

Many of the local campsites will be organising street parties, special tasting menus, live music and children's shows to celebrate the start of the summer.