As Cloudy June prepares to play her first sold-out headline show in London at Camden Assembly on 12th April, she shares her first ballad ‘Love Under The Influence’.  
‘Love Under The Influence’ further highlights, not only her very unique sound but her tremendously captivating attitude. Next-level realness might be a good way to sum it up: unfiltered, straightforward, self-confident, and yet approachable at the same time.

At just 24 years old, she is already considered a queer icon for an entire generation, and this is only the beginning. Back in December, she released her first single “Devil Is A Woman” followed by the second single and TikTok-Success “You Problem” feat. emlyn. 
As far as "influence" goes, Cloudy June elaborates: “For me, the ‘influence’ is all the stuff that keeps you from facing reality in a relationship or situationship. It’s like a dream world in which you convince yourself that someone is meant for you. Whether it's drugs, the fear of being alone or you're blinded by the supposedly perfect qualities of a person—all of this gives you that love-hormone-like high until the ‘influence’ wears off and you’re forced to face the facts.”
On “Love Under The Influence”, to soft guitar chords and with gentle, heartfelt vocals, Cloudy describes what it’s like to always be the first one to write. She details the feelings of insecurity that go along with that, and how at least it doesn't get boring when you're essentially being treated like shit. With this track, the singer-songwriter shows yet another side of herself sonically, proving once again how broad her palette really is - even if getting here wasn't quite as easy this time around, as she herself reveals: “I kept trying to write a ballad and failed to create something that could actually pin-point the feeling that I’d been wanting to talk about for a while. Then we wrote ‘Love Under The Influence’.”