A Walsall College Lecturer and highly acclaimed author signed copies of her latest novel at a book store in Walsall this week. Supported Learning Performing Arts tutor, Tanya Lewis, who writes under her maiden name Tanya Bullock, made an appearance at Waterstone’s in Walsall on Friday 3rd June, to sign copies of latest and second novel, ‘Homecoming’. The story follows an elderly couple with dementia who fall in love during their stay in a care home.

Tanya has been writing in her spare time for the past eight years and has seen her talents noticed with nominations for two prestigious accolades, the People’s Book Prize and the Beryl Bainbridge First Author Awards.

Tanya said: “As a drama teacher I write a lot of theatre and film scripts for my students and we put on at least two shows a year, for which I do a great deal of the writing.

“While on maternity leave I started writing in my spare time as I missed being creative. I never expected to have, not just one but two of my books published! It really is a dream come true.”

The author and college tutor also co runs the Pat the Bull Film company, with colleague and Media Technician at the college Kaush Patel, which makes documentaries and feature films. In 2010 her film ‘Disabled and Living in Walsall’ won a Royal Television Society Award for best promotional film.