The Eggberts Adventures children's books are centred around a little character called Eggbert, who lives in Eggland. Eggbert drives a bright red Egg Car around Eggland, an imaginary world where everyone and everything is egg shaped.

The books took more than five years to develop and were written in consultation with children, parents, teachers and literary experts throughout Britain and Europe.

The series aims to widen children's vocabulary and hone their reading skills whilst providing great enjoyment,  entertainment and education.

The books can be read to children from 2 to 4 years of age (accompanied reading) or alternatively, children from 4 to 6 years independent reading. They are also tied in with the national curriculum and cover foundation level, key stage 1 and 2, but also help children with special learning difficulties. "All of the stories are written in rhyming couplets and help 'reinforce' and develop the child's grasp of the English language," explained Paul.

"The rhyme-repeat also helps with word recognition and sentence construction too. "We have used a font called infant/ primary sassoon, as this particular font or letter type helps the child recognise and develop letters correctly. Hence helps with their handwriting skills. "Each story also has a moralistic message which the child can take into later life and learn from."

The Eggberts Adventures books have been illustrated by one of the world's leading children's artists Ray Mutimer, Ray also illustrated Postman Pat, Paddington, Rupert, Noddy and Charlie Chalk for the B.B.C. Sir Cliff Richard, Chris Tarrant, Jane Seymour, Jenny Agutter, Colin Dexter,
Robin Gibb and Sir Tim Brighouse (former chief education officer for Oxfordshire, Birmingham the Inner London Education Authority and former education advisor to the government are all endorsing the characters and books.

The website, has a mass of free activities and lesson plans for parents, children and teachers. Arts and Crafts, English and Science activities are all included. Paul Gustafson taught in Oxford for over thirty years and has a wealth of educational experience in nursery, primary and secondary education.

He has also presented many television programmes for the B.B.C. Sky and I.T.V. Paul lives in Abingdon and gives regular talks to both children and adults within the community.


Paul Gustafson, the author of Eggbert's Adventures has given us 3 signed 1st Edition copies of Eggberts Adventures at the Fair, and to win one, you just need to answer this question.

What is the name of the "bad people" in Eggland?
a) The Ugly Eggs
b) The Bad Eggs
c) The Good Eggs

Just email your answer, with your name, address and contact number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject “Eggberts Adventures Competition”. Competition closes at 23.59 on 31st October 2021. There is no cash alternative.