As the coronavirus pandemic makes its mark in Africa, in Nigeria, The Ooni of Ife, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, fulfilled his position as Royal King of the ancient Yoruba city of Ife by leading by example when he set about the fumigation of Ile Ife, before providing the wider State of Osun, and 35 other State, with fumigators, as the country, and continent at large, stood strong as, together, they stood up to the crisis.

And in highlighting the advanced, forward-thinking nature of The Ooni – as well as the inventiveness and integrity of Nigeria-at-large - the whole operation took place with fumigators and drones that were locally invented and provided.

It was before the full operation was ready to take place, that The Ooni, in a press conference, described his actions as “a necessity to eventuate the State’s, and country’s creativity at its best - Especially that of our young people!

He continued: “Their innovation stemmed from ‘thinking outside the box’ – just like major inventive creators have done in the past, and still doing the world over today.

“The motorised fumigator”, he said, “is a creation out of necessity that can also serve purpose in the fields of agriculture and industry once we – and the whole world – finally successfully tackle the pandemic.

“We need an abundance of fumigators right now, and that’s why we have partnered with suppliers of drones to then be able to widen coverage”.

Of equal standard as those found in any western country, China or other leading Asian states, and unequalled in Nigeria each Ife-made fumigator’s range capacity covers some 20-30 feet in radius.

“With it being heavily tested and approved by royal accent, not only is it cost-effective, but, it is easy to assemble. And, we fully approve of its workability.

“We need to do now, is to make sure that we roll this out to the general public”.

As Co-Chair of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria (NCTRN), The Ooni of Ife stressed that, by way of support, he will be donating two of the fumigators to every one of the States of the Federation of Nigeria.

This is in addition to what he is already doing – as he continues to assist the Nigerian government by sharing out food and sanitizing items to people most in need in the country.