Cricket tourism is gaining momentum in the United States, spurred by a large diaspora population from cricket-loving nations like India, Pakistan, the Caribbean and Australia.

Florida-based Cricketbuster, founded by an Indian-American couple, is capitalizing on this trend by offering customized travel packages for international cricket tournaments and T20 leagues worldwide. Vinny Kumar, Cricketbuster's COO, explains their approach: "We're developing sports e-commerce, offering all-inclusive packages with match tickets, accommodations, and more."

The company, endorsed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), ensures fans have a seamless experience, addressing concerns like accommodation and intercity transfers. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, Cricketbuster successfully organized trips for hundreds of fans to Dubai in 2021.

With the upcoming T20 World Cup in the US, the company aims to ensure fans secure tickets from legitimate sources, preventing scams in the process. Kumar emphasizes the diverse fan base, highlighting the excitement around events like the India-Pakistan match in New York.

Cricketbuster offers comprehensive packages catering to fans from various regions, enhancing accessibility to these coveted matches. As cricket continues to grow in popularity across the US, Cricketbuster stands at the forefront, providing cricket enthusiasts with unforgettable experiences and reliable services.