Naeem Arif is a highly experienced customer-orientated leader, with over 15 years experience as director of multiple successful Private Limited Companies in the Retail and Management Consulting world. He the founder of NA Consulting, a retail and management consultancy, and the Co-Founder and Vice Chair of the Midlands Retail Forum.

With high levels of competition and the explosion of demand for prepared food, technology has presented as the key for enabling brands and independents to stand out from the crowed.

Over the last decade there has been an unprecedented growth in the entire food service industry but particularly with restaurant. Low food crops and an increase in disposable income have created an opportunity for the development of many exciting and attractive restaurant concepts with the aim to engage in Flyers on the fact that more and more people are eating out more than ever.

In response to the increased appetite of consumers the European market has rapidly expanded changed with a mixture of existing brands expanding and refurbishing, new brands being created, independent operators influence appendices brands undertaking international expansion has expanded the food service sector. From the quick service restaurants and street food vendors one end to fine dining at the other, everything else in between.

The UK alone has around 60% of the market is comprised of small restaurant and Gastro pubs. In parts of continental Europe such as Turkey and Greece, that percentage is even higher creating greater competition and the need for engagement and the differentiation.

In order for restaurants to compete in such a booming growing space as well as remaining relevant and appealing to the next generation of younger more tech savvy diners restaurants are embarking widespread refurbishment of the outlets, including overhauling the interaction presentation process.

These diners want more digital autonomous interactive entertaining and self-determined dining and ordering experience.

For all restaurants there is need and opportunity for them to live its new display projection technologies to update the outlets improve visual communication create more dynamic adaptive customer information service points.

Take into consideration the world’s largest QSR brands, they have undertaken a broad update of decor and soft furnishings in the last decade and am now rolling out a variety of digital display technologies to update the one remaining legacy customer experience – point of sale. It is an important time to undertake this update and renewal with any USR brands experiencing wants widespread change not just to the décor and clientele but also to menu options.

Restaurants are embracing everything from organic detailed provenance of produce. This means there is greater detail about menu items to express to customers.

There are various points around restaurants with these transformations are taking place better than the benefits offerings from the wholesale digitalisation of restaurant POS at every level.