Zodiac signs and the Royal family are two of the most popular topics amongst the press/news. More recently the debate of a new star signs being introduced and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex settling into their new life after giving up Royal duties.

While it’s difficult to estimate how many of us believe in astrology, research suggests that 90% of adults know what their zodiac sign is. However, it isn’t just our own zodiac signs that interest us — have you ever wondered the secret to Queen Elizabeth’s and Prince Philip's enduring love story? Or was there celestial influence over Princess Diana becoming the ‘People’s Princess’?

With this in mind, Fulton Umbrellas have analysed the gender and star signs of current monarchs across the globe, to find out if there is a dominant “ruling” zodiac. They have also analysed 'next-in-lines’ to discover which star sign is most popular and least popular when destined to don the crown. 

Some of the key stats are as followed: 

70% of current rulers are Aries, Taurus, Leo, Pisces, and Aquarius - Queen Elizabeth II is a Taurus, who tend to escape from reality when they're emotional, which is something that the Queen doesn’t display in public.
Scorpio and Cancer are the next zodiac signs to rule the world, with 34% of heirs having these zodiac signs. - Cancers are said to be sensitive to their environments and extremely protective — will this reflect in the way monarchies will be protective of their people in a mothering sense? Whilst a Scorpio is driven by a relentless need for control — if they’re controlled by their egos, they risk self-destruction. 
The number of kings and queens currently stands at 91% men and 9% female, which will increase to 17% women when heirs come into their throne — will more female monarchs be a goal these progressive characters will strive to achieve for in the future, signalling transformation and a step forward for monarchies?

The data might help support any upcoming Royal Family/Zodiac pieces you may have or could be used in a stand-alone piece as there is global data too. If you would like to use the data could you please credit (https://www.fultonumbrellas.com/) as a source. I have attached the raw global data for your review.