Devon-based bottled water brand, Devonia is introducing a new brand identity informing consumers of their collect, wash, reuse process, which ensures their bottles are refilled on average eight times.

Director Fiona Graham said: “Reusing bottles instead of recycling means a longer life for every bottle. Our process makes a difference to not only us but also to the environment and our customers within the hospitality and catering industry.

“We help them to save costs and energy, and reduce their impact on the environment, whilst providing a great product that is key to any drinks menu. We're so thrilled with the journey we've gone through with Upshot who have helped us to develop our new brand identity and establish solid foundations to continue Devonia's growth and development, helping us on our mission to inspire other businesses to choose to reuse.”

Plymouth-based brand agency, Upshot, was commissioned to take on the rebrand project, which included a new visual identity. It's Creative Director, Owen Jones, added: “Devonia's model just makes so much sense – forget the new normal, this is the 'old normal' and it's brilliant.

“They're wonderful people to work with, with a clear purpose, strong values, distinctive personality and high standards. Together we unpacked and articulated their story, creating an idea and visual language that immediately differentiates their product and beautifully communicates their simple but impactful narrative.

“We're proud to see them launch the new branding and excited to see the Devonia brand push forward to bigger and even better things.” Devonia's long-term PR agency, RAW Food & Drink PR was also involved in the process.

Devonia prides itself on being the only bottled water brand in the South of England to collect, wash and reuse glass bottles and offers its solution to hotels, pubs, cafes, restaurants, special events and private customers across Devon. The traditional wash and reuse system dramatically reduces not only its own but also its customers' carbon footprint and improves their environmental impact. 

Bovey Castle Hotel, Harbour Beach Club, Burgh Island Hotel, Sidmouth Harbour Hotel, Salcombe Harbour Hotel, Hotel Endsleigh, Gara Rock Hotel, South Sands Hotel and The Salutation Inn are just a handful of the places to find Devonia. Over the past 18 years, Devonia has saved a staggering 180 tonnes of glass from going to landfill, which equates to 2.7 million bottles.

This approach significantly reduces the use of single-use plastic waste and the need to recycle every glass bottle after just one use. Available in both still and sparkling and in 330ml or 750ml bottles, the water has a natural soft taste that's proven to be incredibly popular with customers.