It was 1990 when Angelica Houston, Rowan Atkinson and Jane Horrocks starred in a dark fantasy that saw a convention of witches staying in a seaside hotel whilst hatching an evil plot to kill children by turning them into mice. The hero of the hour is a young boy who, despite being turned into a mouse, manages to turn the tables on the monstrous hags. Like him they are changed into rodents but, whilst he is spared to live happily ever after, they are slaughtered in a frenzy of mouse-bashing led by the hotel manager.

'The Witches' remains one of Roald Dahl's most popular books and the film, in which The Headland becomes the Hotel Excelsior, has similarly achieved classic status. In a foodie tribute to the terrifying tale, Executive Chef Christopher Archambault and his team have devised a dastardly teatime spread.

“There'll be pumpkin scones with lashings of jam and cream, chocolate witches' hats, eyeballs, a spooky children's mocktail and of course plenty of delicious mice,” said Chris, with a frightening kind of cackle. “We've got other surprises up our sleeves too.”

The Witches tea will be available from Friday 20 October to Sunday 5 November from 3pm to 6pm.