Former ‘Eastenders’ star Nitin Ganatra has revealed that he spends much of his time working at his family’s newsagents in Coventry, in the West Midlands.

He recently revealed that in between acting jobs customers would often be stunned when they see him stacking shelves there.

“It’s my family’s business, he says. “So, why would I not help out? I just had to join in.”

This, however, is nothing new for the actor. Best known for his role as postman Masood Ahmed, Nitin has been working at the family newsagents since he was 10 years old but usually behind the scenes.

He said: “Customers are always asking me to take photos with them when they realise who I am. I’ve had all sorts of people who say that they’ve come in just to see that it’s me.”

Nitin, who originally left the role in 2016, will be set for a return to the BBC’s popular soap – with a new added characters as the Ahmed family steps back into Albert Square.