Efteling received 4.68 million visitors during the past year an increase from 4.4 million the previous year.  The increase is largely due to the investments in 2015 in the new attraction Baron 1898 and in Holiday village Efteling Bosrijk, as a result of which visits are being spread more evenly over the year.  

Fons Jurgens, President of the Board of Directors: “With this increase in visitor numbers we have made an important step towards the 5 million visitors we would like to welcome in 2020.  Last year's investment in the new attraction Baron 1898 and in our holiday village increased our capacity and proved to be successful.  We have set ourselves the target to grow into an international destination instead of a one-day attraction.  The effort we made to this end are paying off in the increase in overnight stays and the number of visitors from abroad compared to last year.  Finally, the mild weather certainly also played its part.”

During 2015 Efteling saw more Dutch as well as foreigners come through the entrance gate.  The increase in foreign visitors from Germany, France and England in total is +10%.  The number of (mostly Dutch) visitors for special events, such as Efteling Midsummernight, Efteling Summer Festival and New Year's Eve, increased as well.