The single travel bug is catching, with a new world of healthy holidaymakers realising the freedom this blissfully selfish form of travel affords. Whether on a yoga retreat in Asia or fitness bootcamp in Europe, with solo travel having almost doubled amongst affluent and first-time travellers in 2015, more health retreats are banishing hefty single supplements to welcome this new wave of solo wellness warriors. No longer the sole reserve of singletons, Health and Fitness Travel, the leading experts in healthy holidays worldwide, have seen a rise in the diversity of travellers choosing to go it alone, for the opportunity to focus on their individual wellness goals

Issuing in a new era of single travellers, the freedom to choose how you spend your healthy holiday is attracting a new and broader following, from health conscious baby boomers looking to keep active in retirement, to divorced single parents wanting to rediscover a healthier lifestyle. Having shaken-off the lonely hearts stigma it once carried, even those in relationships are now looking to travel solo and focus on their goals, instead of compromising on a half-hearted holiday with the other-half.

Entering the era of solo female travellers, in a TripAdvisor survey of more than 9,000 women, 74% had either already travelled alone or were planning on travelling solo in 2015, a fact which is supported by Pinterest pins focused on female solo travel rising by 350% A growing phenomenon fuelled by the ease with which social media allows us to stay in touch with loved ones, the option of staying connected allows solo female travellers to feel safer when travelling on their own.