The UNESCO-listed city of Ravenna, in the northern Italian region of Emilia Romagna, has released a series of events to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of Supreme Poet, Dante. The festive programme, which includes e-bike tours, exhibitions and the brand new ‘Dante’s Train’, will take place until January 2022, giving visitors a great reason to travel to Emilia Romagna when it is safe to do so.

Ravenna, also known as the “city of mosaics” due to its exquisite collection of Byzantine montages, is a treasure chest of art, history and culture - with eight UNESCO historic buildings. Dante found Ravenna to be the ideal place to complete the Divine Comedy and, as the home of his tombstone, the city has been preserving the poet’s memory for seven centuries after his death in 1321. Dante’s 700th anniversary programme is mainly taking place in Ravenna, located just one hour away from Emilia Romagna’s capital city of Bologna.

Cultural programme: Top 5 events

Ravenna is dedicating this year in a rich programme of events to commemorate the life of Dante, one the world’s most famous poets. This features exhibitions, readings and tours that will allow future visitors to immerse themselves in what once was the life of Dante. Some events taking place in the second half of 2021 include:


E-Trek The Divine Comedy trail - Running until 30th September 2021

An adventurous three-day e-bike tour following a mystical footpath of towns referred in Dante’s iconic Divine Comedy masterpiece, allowing visitors to distinctively explore between Ravenna and Faenza as-well as being able to take in some of Emilia Romagna’s stunning scenery, including; the sweeping medieval hillside village of Bertinoro and the first-fortified city of Terra del Sole, renowned to have been an ideal Renaissance destination. 

Treno Di Dante (Dante’s Train) - Running until 10th October 2021

This new historical project allows passengers to step onboard a special train to enjoy a slow yet exhilarating ride between the two cities which defined the life of Dante – Florence to Ravenna. Stopping off at several picturesque locations along the way, including Brisighella and Faenza, passengers will have the chance to freely enter an array of museums and monuments throughout the journey included within the ticket price. Tickets costs £47 (round-trip) and £25 single ticket).

Silent Play For Dante - Running until 25th December 2021

An exclusive project that transports guests on an immersive guided tour within the city of Ravenna, the location in which Dante’s symbolic remains lie. Accompanied by the screenplay by La Piccionaia, Theater Production Center, guests are offered a poetic and engaging theatrical experience whilst soaking up key memories connected to the poet, his comedy and fortune.


L’ora che volge il disìo - Running until 31st December 2021

The free and open to all event hosted ‘within the hour that turns the disìo’ (between 5-6pm) captures an important moment around the greatest poet of Italian literatures’ tomb. To commemorate his 700 years, a reading of the Divine Comedy which can be presented in any language, will showcase his vital works and allowing guests to gather, listen in, reflect and honour the works of Dante. 

Virtual exhibition: Un’Epopea POP - Running until 9th January 2022

For those who may want to join in on Dante’s celebrations virtually, the Ravenna Art Museum (MAR) has created an online exhibition called Un’Epopea POP. The showcase, curated by Giuseppe Antonelli, will run until 9 January 2022 and will allow viewers to be virtually transported into the MAR Museum to experience a selection of contemporary art by Giorgia Salerno, along with a mix of testimonies dedicated to the life of the Supreme Poet.

Not only does the city keep Dante Alighieri’s presence alive, Ravenna is the perfect place for travellers to explore and unwind. Nestled a few kilometres from the Adriatic Sea and boasting an array of gastronomic delights, awe-inspiring nature and a wide-range of activities to relish – Ravenna has something for everyone to admire, right in the heart of Italy’s off the beaten track gem, Emilia Romagna.