Facebook has launched a new dedicated gaming app ahead of its origin planned date in its latest attempt to grow its presence in the online gaming world.

They (Facebook) said that the accelerated launch was a direct response to the lockdown following the world coronavirus outbreak.

The dedicated Facebook Gaming app lets users follow high-profile games, watch live gaming streams and also be able to leave comments without interacting with the rest of Facebook.

It also lets gamers broadcast their own smartphone screen.

Facebook launched the gaming app – available on Android for now - aimed at challenging the dominance of Twitter and YouTube in the live game-streaming market and is designed for people engaged in the online gaming community.

It will, however, be available with casual games and access to the gaming community.

Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook app, said: “Investing in gaming, in general, has become a priority for us. And, that is because we see gaming as a form of entertainment that really connects people”.

The app was apparently due to be released in July, but they had to bring it forward because of the Covid-19 pandemic.