Set to be one of the biggest and most spectacular events of the Winter in the UK, The Festival of Light at Longleat will throw a spotlight on the Safari Park's very own 50th birthday celebrations as we head into 2016. Starting on November 13th, and running through to January 3rd, the Winter spectacular will once again take the age-old tradition of the Chinese lantern and completely transform it for a modern audience.

But this year, it will also help to shine a light on a very special year for the Safari Park, which is planning a series of celebrations to mark its 50th anniversary in 2016.

So Longleat is promising something much bigger, better, and even more magical centred around two Chinese dynasties: the Qin dynasty, when the first emperor of China ruled and united the country, and also created the famous Terracotta Army; and the Tang dynasty - the most prosperous dynasty of ancient China. 

Large displays will light up Longleat landscaped grounds featuring temples, Terracotta Army warriors, a huge dragon boat floating on Longleat's lake and also starring “The Monkey King”, which links Longleat's famous residents to an equally famous Chinese character.

Some of the favourite visitor lanterns from last year's show will also be making a return, including the Safari Park animal lanterns, Qilin Dragons and flower procession.

Nothing quite like The Festival of Light had ever been seen in the UK before it first appeared in 2014 - as hundreds of illuminated designs (some measuring up to 20 metres in height, and 70 metres in length) helped to transform the world-famous Wiltshire estate into a glowing Winter wonderland, on a spectacular scale.

The Festival of Light will run alongside Longleat's traditional Christmas celebrations, which include the Santa Train, Giant Musical Christmas Tree, Fairytale Characters and outdoor Ice Skating Rink. 

Prices are: Adults £28.95 and Children £21.95; and there is a 10% discount by booking online.  Admission includes the spectacular Chinese lanterns, all Christmas celebrations including the famous singing Christmas tree, plus entry to the Safari Park and all of the regular Longleat Adventure Park attractions.