Flake Bake, the pioneering handmade Jamaican patty brand rooted in Caribbean flavours, has restocked over 100,000 patties after selling out in 48 hours after their big win on Aldi's Next Big Thing. 

The small, family business, has made a sterling effort to increase the production following the success of the show and was be back on shelves from Thursday 9th May. They left Aldi's shelves bare as fans of the show hurried to get their hands on their delicious, authentic, flaky pastries causing Aldi to quadruple their original order.

Flake Bake's journey took a meteoric leap into the spotlight after a visit from social media influencer Eating With Tod. With over 2 million views in just 5 days, Eating With Tod's visit catapulted Flake Bake into the realm of virality, with its social media following increasing by 1000 followers every day since.

Under the visionary leadership of Mike Williams and his father Paul, the family business is dedicated to establishing a reputable, values-driven business while fostering a more positive environment for all Caribbean-led enterprises in the UK. With a strong emphasis on community, responsibility, commitment, resilience, and the freedom to express individuality, Flake Bake is poised to make a lasting impression with supermarkets and consumers.

Mike Williams, Director of Flake Bake, said: "Winning Aldi's Next Big Thing and gaining a national supermarket listing has been a game changer. 

“It not only allowed us to showcase our unique flavours and values but also provided a platform to redefine the perception of Caribbean cuisine in the UK. We are thrilled to blend our cultural heritage with the diverse culinary landscape, offering innovative products and fresh perspectives to Aldi's consumers."

Flake Bake's journey began in South London serving foodservice, where it quickly became renowned for its Jamaican patties boasting the flakiest golden crusts, distinguished by its use of simple, fresh ingredients and a commitment to quality. With a diverse audience including young urbanites, adventurous food enthusiasts, and multicultural communities the business sells over 20,000 patties at Notting Hill Carnival and has earned its reputation as the number one choice in South London.

The business now aims to create, expand, and invest in multiple Caribbean brands while supporting entrepreneurs and serving the Caribbean community through entrepreneurship. Flake Bake's journey transcends mere food; it is a tale of resilience, ambition, and cultural identity.

Mike Williams, a Jamaican entrepreneur deeply connected to his heritage and his home in Britain, epitomises the spirit of innovation and fusion. His dedication to his community, his unwavering commitment to excellence, and his determination to challenge conventions make him a trailblazer in the industry.