Float Like A Butterfly – RIP Muhammad Ali

Float Like A Butterfly – RIP Muhammad Ali


His past competitors, friends, and colleagues have expressed their feelings:

“It’s a sad day for life, man. I loved Muhammad Ali, he was my friend. Ali will never die. Like Martin Luther King his spirit will live on, he stood for the world.” – Don King

“There will never be another Muhammad Ali. The black community all around the world, black people all around the world, needed him. He was the voice for us. He’s the voice for me to be where I’m at today.” – Floyd Mayweather

George Foreman on Radio 4 this morning talking about Muhammad Ali: “You know what, I found Muhammad Ali to be one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever met in my life. I got beat up in the jungle. We never had any arguments until we met in the ring that night. I hit him with everything and I had, and all he would say is, ‘That all you got, George?’ What a night. Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and myself were one guy – we lived through each other. A big piece of me died when he passed away, and I call it the greatest piece.

During a Harvard lecture Mohammed Ali was asked by a student to recite a poem, Ali paused and then said a poem which as gone down in history as probably the shortest poem ever……
He said ……


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