The iconic rainbow plant-based burger concept Flower Burger has launched a limited-edition Earth Burger, to tie in with Veganuary.

The Vegan hot spot in both London and Brighton mixes a triumph of natural flavours with an art conscious appeal to reel all foodies into the store to join the pledge to be meat free for one month.

To mark the occasion, Flower friends can receive a 10% off if they mention “Veganuary” in store.

With health benefits at its core, the limited-edition Earth Burger doesn't substitute flavour as veg-curious guests can indulge in a meatless seitan and barley patty made with breaded aubergine and teriyaki ginger mayo. Obtained by spirulina and turmeric and served in a green bun, the Earth Burger is set to shift the public perception of veganism for the whole of January and beyond.

Flower Burger has collaborated with LetItTree's, adopting 1 million square meters of the Amazon Rainforest. With every purchase of Earth Burger, they will donate to LetitTree's. Holistic in its name, the Earth Burger and LetItTree's partnership work dually on the global mission to encourage people to eat a Climatarian Diet and promote worldwide sustainability.

The plant-based options continue at Flower Burger with a colour infused menu serving the Jungle Burger made with turmeric and spirulina, a red bean and oat patty, as well as Cherry Bomb, featuring a lentil and basmati rice patty in a pink bun with beetroot, and the signature Flower Burger, with seitan and red kidney bean patty, served in a purple bun. All the eye-pleasing burgers are paired with a selection of sides including Potato Wedges, Edamame, and Patatas Buenas (a version of the Patatas Bravas).

Completing the meatless experience sweetly, the menu features a line of vegan desserts, including the Tiramisun, Coco-nuts, and signature Chocolate Salami. For the whole of January, The Earth Burger will serve the mission of driving large-scale change as well as adding love and vibrance to every plate in line with the new year.

Matteo Toto, Founder & CEO, Flower Burger, commented: “As a company, the love and respect towards the planet guided us in our daily choices. The packaging, the natural ingredients and partnerships with LetItTree's goes hand in hand with our communal goal of kickstarting global change to a greener and more sustainable world