Geoffrey Barraclough believes that there cannot be many mature people on Earth who have not thought about, even, if only fleetingly, who they really are and why they are who they are. “Who Am I? What Am I? Why Am I here?” helps people answer the questions that they may have and ultimately lead them to enlightenment.

This book goes towards answering the above mentioned questions. Barraclough reckons that all – every man, woman and child on the planet — are a part of a single consciousness. Everyone has a much higher purpose in life than some have been led to believe. People are not simply the result of a fortuitous chemical accident, nor are they, as the puerile notion of Darwin’s theory suggests, the decedents of monkeys. All are omnipotent beings, who simply need ‘awakening’ to their true selves.

Taking the form of a discussion, this book breaks down and provides clear argument about all the false notions in all aspects of life. Approached from the point of view of the reader rather than of the writer, this book also shows the picture of how perceptions of what is real have been so outrageously distorted and manipulated throughout the ages.

“Your fate, your destiny, your inner energy vibrations has led you to this life-changing book,” Barraclough says. “If approached and read with an open mind, and with introspection, and critical thinking, this book has the potential to be a life-changing event.”