A woman who has been painting herself with scenes from the iconic Glastonbury Festival says that she has been “blown away” by the response.

Lisa Davies had not tried body painting until the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

The 33-year-old’s work has been shared by the festival’s Facebook community including a simple “wow” and “get that on canvas.”

Each picture takes Ms Davies about three hours to complete and is painted from a reverse image.

She said: “I didn’t expect the comments and praise that I’ve had. I’m really blown away by it all”.

Lisa, who works in customer services, moved from her home in Cardiff to be with her sister in Gloucestershire for the lockdown.

She said: “I’ve always loved drawing but lest all my pencils and art materials at home so I thought I’d send off for some body paints and have a go.

“I had tickets and should have been at the festival so I thought I’d paint my way round the site”.

Ms Davies finds an iconic view of the festival and then reverses the image before starting to paint it on to her body.

“It’s a bit mind-boggling to do and I’m not a professional by any means”, she said, “but if I make a mistake I just wipe it off.

“I do feel sad when I have to wash one off but that leaves me with a blank canvas for another.

Lisa plans to paint a series of 20 pictures, with her next challenge being the famous cider bus.

She also wants to do a black-and-white painting from the festival’s early days and one featuring festival founder, Michael Eavis.