The Minamiza theatre, Kyoto, is recording live performances of the ‘Cho Kabuki’ stage productions, for audiences to watch on demand. This is after it was postponed last year due to the pandemic. The live recordings will take place on 12/09 and the on-demand service will be available from 20/09, 4am BST - 26/09, 3:59pm BST. Tickets are available to purchase now.

‘Cho Kabuki’, established in 2016, is a unique stage performance which combines kabuki, a form of traditional Japanese theatre with a 400-year history, and ‘Kirari!’, cutting-edge Ultra-realistic Communication Technology from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Co. (“NTT”).

The show co-stars one of today’s most popular kabuki performers, Nakamura Shidō, alongside animated performer, Hatsune Miku who will play the villain for the first time.

The on-demand program is arranged in the following way:

Introductory film - The Appeal of Cho Kabuki

This new dance production will be shown for the first time at the Minamiza Theatre. In the last scene Miku uses her long hair as part of the performance which is one of the highlights.

This returns to the stage after its initial play at the Niconico Net Chōkaigi, April 2021. Based on a traditional kabuki performance, it is a dramatic story and shows many beautiful places in Kyoto. Hatsune Miku plays the villian and her performance and appearance is a mix of that of woman and spider. The last scene is a dramatic battle scene and is not to be missed.