Fiona Reid, a mother of two from Aston in Birmingham was killed in a horrific fireball while on holiday in Jamaica when the car she was in hit a truck head on. Her devastated father Kevin has revealed that because of a lack of Holiday Insurance, he now faces costs that will cripple him in order to bring her body back to her hometown.

Jamaican Police have said that Fiona was the passenger in a Toyota Yaris which collided with a Nissan Navara Truck after the driver lost control. The 31 year-old was taken to hospital where she died while being treated

He said: “We haven’t been able to trace any insurance documents so we are holding a fundraiser to bring her home and give her more than just a basic funeral.

“With the repatriation, burial costs, funeral directors and the transfers we are looking at about £15,000. There are also hidden charges that haven’t been revealed to me and I may have to pay for the autopsy in Jamaica. If it was insurance I would just have called them and they would have taken over but I’ve had to do it all myself.

“It’s a lot to take in all at once and I haven’t had five minutes to myself to come to terms with what happened. It sounds like a lot of money but if I had it I wouldn’t be asking anyone for anything. I just want to bring my daughter home.”

There is set to be a memorial at the Emerald Club in Small Heath today between 4pm and 11pm, where people can make donations, organised by 52 year old Mr Reid and his partner. Well-wishers are asked to make a donation of £5 at the door.

Mr Reid said: “We have had all her friends from school come forward and people she worked with and family on both sides. There’s been nothing negative and it’s comforting to see so many messages of support out there on Facebook and so forth.

“The Emerald have also donated their services for free which we’re very thankful for. Fiona was very sensible, she was a devoted parent which is why I can’t believe she went without travel insurance. I’m hoping it will turn up but so far it’s been a negative on all the avenues we’ve tried. She’s left behind two kids and it’s going to be hard, it’s just an unfortunate accident. “

Police are still investigating the cause of the accident. Mr Reid said: “I heard there was an animal that ran into the road, I was told it was a dog. The driver swerved and hit her vehicle head-on. The car burnt out at the scene. I know that Fiona was in the back. She was in the second week of a two-week holiday."

Fiona, nicknamed FeFe, leaves behind a 10-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl.

There is also a fundraising online page set up at