Following from the verdict of the Kingsley Burrell inquest, Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said, "First and foremost my thoughts today are with the family and friends of Kingsley Burrell. I offer my condolences to them."

"Clearly more lessons need to be learnt by all the agencies involved so that these tragic incidents are not repeated. One death is one too many, whatever the circumstances.

"I will be asking questions of the Chief Constable to ensure that the verdict is examined thoroughly. In addition I will be asking the force to bring a report to my public board meeting so that my board and I can scrutinise the case in detail and hold the police to account.

"We have introduced the Mental Health Triage unit to make sure we are dealing with mental health sufferers appropriately, but I will be asking the Chief Constable further questions to make sure that the police are doing all that they can."